Offering my Ass

As per our New Year Rules 2020, nightly I offer both my mouth and my bottom for Milord’s use. Most nights, he declines. Some nights, he accepts the use of my mouth. Rarely, he accepts my offer of spanking my bottom. (He often, however, makes love to me and after, I clean his cock with my mouth! Yum!!)

Last night, however, he accepted both. I was surprised and, I’m notImage ashamed to admit, thrilled. He began with the spanking. I had expected – since I’ve been very, very good lately – a light spanking and the opportunity to worship his magnificent cock. I was mistaken.

Because, Milord explained, it had been so long since he had given me a “proper” spanking, he intended to make this one count. Ten minutes Ten spanks per minute he decided.

I paled and began to tremble as I arranged myself over Milord’s lap. I also can’t deny that I immediately began to get wet. He also made me count – 1-10, restarting every minute. By the time we were on the fifth round, I was outside of myself. My ass was on fire and my pussy dripping. My face was wet and I was wiggling like a worm on a hook. Pain and ecstasy overpowered my consciousness and I lost myself.

By the 10th minute, I had come twice and couldn’t remember my own name. I was totally in subspace. He finished with one final impressive swat which had me screaming his name.

Normally, there’s cuddle time after. Not last night. Milord later explained that he wanted to keep me in subspace, and so he immediately re-positioned us both so that he was lying on the bed and I was kneeling over his cock.

Keep your eyes on me and your moutumblr_nya85ly7nN1uyawrzo1_540th where it should be until you have completed your purpose.

God, but I love when he talks with such authority! He took his time, and twice he had to slap my ass again because I took my eyes off of his. Just when I thought my jaws would lock, I felt his sweet hot cream shooting down my throat. He let me cuddle around his cock for a bit, then pulled me up to him. He kissed the top of my head, whispered how proud he was of me, and we both drifted off to sleep.

This morning, Milord made love to me, allowing me to come over and over again. My ass is still very tender and a constant reminder of his touch. Honestly, I’m looking forward to a fabulous day.


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