24 Hours of Surrender

We slept for a few hours, then I awoke and took her again, leaving the anal plug in her. She was exhausted, but opened her legs at my touch. Because she was still half asleep, I ignored her murmurings, especially since they mostly consisted of YES, Oh God, Thank you, and my name. After we had both orgasmed, I removed the plug and inserted a dildo attached toImage result for dildo harness female a harness to ensure it would stay in place as she slept.

I gathered her in my arms and again, we slept. I awoke before her, but the feel of her in my arms was so perfect, I let her sleep on. When she finally awoke, I kissed her then asked if she were tender.

Very much so.

“Do you want to stop?”

Absolutely not, sir.

I laughed, then nudged her downward where she sucked my cock until I gave her the first sustenance of the day.

While I showered, she prepared breakfast. Naturally, she wore only the dildo and harness. She knelt beside me while I ate and fed her bits of pancakes and sips of orange juice.

When breakfast was finished I pulled out my special stool from the closet and watched with pleasure as Galatia paled. To her credit, she made no complaint as I sImage result for BDSM ikeaecured her in place and turned on the vibrator. I kissed her and told her that while I cleaned up, she would enjoy as many orgasms as possible. I also again gagged her, this time with the small dildo which had previously been in her pussy.

Naturally, I took my time, wiping down every surface, sweeping and moping the floor, and enjoying her cries of pleasure as she struggled against her bonds. By the time I finished, turned off the vibrator and released her, she was a wet, soppy, submissive, compliant mess. She was perfect.

I lead her back to the bedroom where I again bound her – this time spread eagle to the bed. Her puss was red and dripping wet from the vibrator, but was about to be further tormented.

“Promise me you will use your safeword if needed,” I insisted.

She nodded.

I easily pushed two fingers into her hungry puss. She came again, tears running down her face. Then a third finger, then a fourth. She was writhing on bed, soaking the sheets with her wetness.

Finally, I tucked my thumb in between my fingers and slowly, steadily pressed inward. Her eyes widened and she screamed behind the dildo gag, her toes curling. Eventually, I was wrist deep inside of her. That was when I began to carefully fist fuck her.

I cannot describe her beauty as she  came over and over again as I watched my whole hand move in and out of her hole. After a few minutes, I pulled my hand out of her and watched as she collapsed, all tension leaving her body.

I stripped off my robe, my cock flagpole hard, and knelt between her legs. I had left just enough slack in her bonds to be able to lift her hips slightly and enter her ass, this time, barebacked.

I removed her gag and said, “Talk to me.”

More. Please, Stone, give me more. Give me your cum. Fuck me. Thank you.

She continued to speak in disjointed, begging tones. I pinched her nipples, wanting to make this last, but failed. I buried myself in her, emptying my balls deep within her bowels.

After we had both recovered, I looked at her and asked, “There’s four more hours to go. Are you up for that?”


I laughed, then plugged her ass once again.

“You may be, but I need a break. I’m going to unbind you. I want you to take a nap then a shower. I’m going to read for a few hours. After your shower, Come find me and you can worship my cock and balls. How does that sound?”

Absolutely wonderful, sir. 



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