24 hours of total surrender

tumblr_olokk7rqDv1ucdihlo1_1280Would you look at that – your ass isn’t red anymore. I’m sure I can fix that. Now, hop on the bed and stay in position. Also, I’m going to put the gag back on since I want both your bottom holes open and available.

Galatia nodded and did as ordered.

This time, I lubed her anus and slowly entered there. She moaned and pushed back as well, nearly making me lose control with her eagerness and heat. Now, the spanking began. Hard. Steady. No need to rush, though. Ten minutes later I was still seated balls deep in her ass and my hand was still making marks on her white flesh. I could hear her soft sobs and watch as her back muscles tightened with each blow.

I pulled out and she cried my name. I laughed and grabbed the crop.

“Ten more minutes with this, then I’ll satisfy us both.”

She cried, sobbed, tore at the sheets, but never once said a word. By the time I entered her again, she was so primed that I barely was able to press my crown inside of her before she exploded. I wanted to make this last, so I fucked her slowly, enjoying the play of muscles as the waves of pleasure rolled through her body.

I leaned over her and whispered in her ear.

“After I come, you will remove my condom, dispose of it, the use your mouth to clean my cock. This will happen only after I have plugged that well used ass, however, since I can’t remove your gag until another hole is filled. Yes?”

She nodded her head vigorously and mumbled something behind the gag. I had used all the control in my body and released everything I was into her heat.

Moments later, with her ass again filled and her mouth on my cock, I lay back on the bed, my hands behind my head, and closed my eyes, thanking all the gods that every were or ever would be for the love and trust of this incredible woman.

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