Yes and No

6074778f54d0bb9f1ea2d1262d8b1729No, I am not wearing anything under this skirt – or the shirt either if you must know.

No, I’m not ashamed at all. This is our home and I will wear what I choose to wear.

No, I did not pick it out.

Yes, He did ask me to wear this – ask being the key word.

Yes, I am aware that my ass is quite red from an earlier spanking. It was lovely.

Yes, if He wanted to spank me again right now in front of our guests I would comply eagerly.

Yes, I know all of the guests can plainly see through the skirt. That’s why everyone here is aware of our lifestyle choices.

Yes, if He asked me to kneel down and give him a blow job right now I would happily agree.

Yes, I do know my worth. He makes sure to tell me every single day.


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