Anxiety relief

New Year Rules 2020

I have been so very restless lately. I couldn’t focus on anything – not even scrambling a damned egg – for long enough to complete a task. My soul felt like it would itch itself out of my body. Milord noticed this, of course, and asked how he could help. After thinking for a while, I realized that neither of us had really been following any of our new rules or even the New House Rules since Christmas.

Milord apologized to me and asked if a full session would help. I immediately agreed. Even agreeing to this calmed me.

After a long, slow warm up over Milord’s lap, he set the timer on his phone. Fifteen Minutes, he decided. I had no idea how long 15 minutes could be! Soon enough, I was sobbing. With each tear that fell, a small bit of my anxiety washed out of my body until all that was left in me was a contented steadiness that had been missing for weeks.

I thanked him, naturally, as is our custom by worshipping his cock. Rather than coming, though, he lifted me up and placed me on the bed, telling me to turn onto my stomach. He wanted to enjoy the sight of my scarlet ass as he made love to me.

Now, after several orgasms and with his cum inside of me, I am at peace.


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