You’re with Me

You didn’t behave very well at the last gathering, did you? No, so before tonight’s gathering, let’s do a little something that might keep you from beEKsqgFDXYAAEaH0coming quite so bored. Just to be sure you get into the right mindset, let’s cuff these wrists. That’s a good girl.

Now, come lay across my knee. I know it may see like a lot, but you’ll count each 100 spankings. I’m going to start slowly, so it won’t be as bad as what you might think.

Good. Your ass is pinking up nicely, so I’m going to add to the intensity. Go ahead and squirm, Sarah. That’s fine. Just keep counting. If you miss one, I’m going back to whatever number I feel like.

You know your bottom is breathtakingly beautiful when it’s red. Good. 75. Only 25 more to go. It’s fine to cry. You haven’t put on your make-up yet. These last 25 are going to quite severe. I need to make sure you feel the heat all. Night. Long.

There. I’ll just rub your sore bum for a bit until you can breathe regularly again. You took that perfectly, babe. Now, ready to thank me?

Perfect. That’s it. Keep your lips clamped around my cock. No, baby. I’m not going to come in you – well – at least not down your throat. Yes, lick my balls. lick every inch of them.

Now, get on the bed. On your knees. Head down. Ass up. I know you don’t like when I spit on your asshole, but you’ll like no lube even less. Jesus Christ but you’re tight. And hot. So. Fucking. Tight. Scream my name, baby. Come all you want. Soon. Soon I’ll come in your hot little asshole. Keep going. Perfect. Push back. Fuck my cock, baby. Fuck it.

Here, let me help you EEvBZSlW4AA_KDPstand. One more thing before you dress. I’m going to add this plug. It’s rather large, but it needs to be if it’s going to keep all that sweet cum inside of you. We don’t want any leaking out and running down your leg during the party now, do we?

Yes, I know it’s uncomfortable, but between that big plug and your blistered ass, I bet you’ll remember your manners in front of my boss, won’t you.


Aww. You’re very welcome, baby. I’m sure we’ll both have a good time tonight too. By the way, no make-up in the world could create that glow about your face or the brightness in your eyes. You could not possibly be more beautiful. Trust me, every person there will be jealous that you’re with me.

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