New Year Rules 2020

Rather than changing the rules every season, Milord and I have decided that they will, instead, be in place until He decides otherwise. This does make me a bit nervous because I look forward to a switch up every season, but he also insisted that if I am feeling uncomfortable and need a change, I can certainly request one. Of course he has the power to deny this request, but since he rarely denies me anything I truly want, Milord successfully pacified  my concerns. New House Rules will still be in place, so 2020 rules are in addition to them.

  1. When we go out in public (work is excluded), if I wear leggings, tights, or pants, I must also wear a medium sized butt plug unless Milord instructs me to insert a larger one. No exceptions will be tolerated. This is to remind me that even though I have something between my legs besides him, my ass is his.
  2. Before going to sleep, I will offer my bottom for spanking. This is to remind me of his power.15 - 1
  3. Before going to sleep, I will offer my mouth for the worship of his cock. This is to remind me of my own power.
  4. When in a session, I will remain silent except to use my safe word or to answer Milord or his designee. This is to remind me that he rules the session.
  5. Mister may call for a session at any time or place through verbal or texted commands. If I have serious objection, I may request to speak with him in private to voice my concerns. He, however, is under no obligation to change his mind unless I use my safe word. This is so that I will remember to expect the unexpected.



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