Pride of Obedience – the punishment

Of COURSE I told Milord! of my Pride of Obedience. He held my face in his hands and kissed me, telling me he was happy that I had stuck up for myself. He also said exactly what I was thinking. I could have done so in a much kinder way. I started crying and asked for punishment. He asked me what sort of punishment might be appropriate.

I bit my lip and thought. “Nipples,” I said. Since I had shown excessive pride in my nipples, they were what should bare the brunt of the punishment.

Milord agreed.

First, however, since it was Tuesday, I needed maintenance. I stripped, positioned myself over Milord’s lap. He began with a warm up for ten minutes – gentle to firm hand spankings. Then, he set the timer for another ten minutes and picked up the pingpong paddle. I began to whimper. Nonetheless, when the time was up and my face awash with tears, I felt cleansed. I slid to the floor and properly thanked Milord. Eagerly, I gulped down his essences when he released.

“You’re perfect. Now. I want you to stay on your knees. Crawl over to the pole.”

I obeyed. Now was the time for punishment. Milord scolded me for my arrogance and rudeness and clipped the dreaded clover onto one nipple. He then looped thImage result for bdsm nipple clampse chain behind the pole and clipped the other. Just to make sure I stayed, he ordered me to put my hands behind my back.

“Ten minutes. No whining. No wiggling.”

“Milord?” I whispered.


“Thank you.”



2 thoughts on “Pride of Obedience – the punishment

  1. i see you are truly loved by a strong Dominant that expects you to try your best to be a good example of Him at all times and it shows in the way He handles your transgressions! i love reading your stories! 💗


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