Drawing Lots

So I screwed up. No surprise, right? (Sometimes, I think I INTENTIONALLY screw up!!) Anyway, I broke Rule Number 4 of Summer Rules 2019 by not being prepared at the appointed time.  Milord, naturally, said nothing until I noticed the time – 8:00 p.m. – shouted SHIDRePD1VXUAETCTzT, and ran to his office. He kept me waiting another thirty minutes.

“Bend over the desk.”

I did so. He inserted a plug AND clamped my inner lips together.

He then began to chastise me, reminding me of how important these maintenance nights are, how wonderful I feel after them, that I had agreed to weekly maintenance. Because, he said, this was Tuesday, we would have our regular maintenance. However, tomorrow morning, he would punish me for being an hour late. I closed my eyes, knowing what I was in for, and said, “Yes, Milord.”

Maintenance is primarily concentrated on my bottom. Milord got to work first with a warm up then He set timer. Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of hard, regular spanking.  There would be absolutely no mercy, nor did I deserve or want any. By the time he was finished, my ass was red as fire and my face covered with tears, but I felt refreshed, cleaned, and horny as hell!!!.

Luckily, he was too. He came around to the front of the desk. I knew what he required, so I unzipped his trousers, released his cock and got to work. Trust me it IS possible for a woman to come just from sucking her man’s cock! Less than a minute in, and I was shaking for joy! Eventually, he too felt that joy, and came down my throat.

“That’s my girl,” he praised. “I’m going to remove the clip, but that plug will stay in place. Tomorrow, I’ll take out and fuck your pretty little asshole.”

OMG!! I would be so tender!!!

“And when I finish, you will clean my cock with your mouth. I know you don’t like that, but that’s what happens when you forget about Maintenance.”

I do so love Milord.

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