Trust Him

I gazed at the luscious handmade dress with both excitement and distress. Surely Milord would allow me to wear lingerie beneath it, at least a silky slip! I read his text again, just to be sure. Date night! Shower, shave EVERYTHING, make sure EVERYTHING is clean, fix your hair and make-up, put on what is waiting for you in the downstairs bathroom. Absolutely no mention of a slip. I stood staring at the dress and sandals for a moment longer then got busy.

An hour later, I was dressed. Everything was clearly visible through the


soft yarn of the dress. My only hope was that we would be going someplace where this type of clothing was expected.

“Good,” Milord said. “I’m was concerned that you wouldn’t obey my directions.”

He had come home and was sitting casually in the living room. I blushed at his words, pleased. I wanted to ask so many questions, but the thrill of excitement I felt from my obedience coursed through me. My nipples hardened and my kitten soften. I began to get wet.

“Now, over my lap,” he said and patted his legs. “Since you’ve been so good, I think you deserve a little reward.”

I practically skipped across the room to him. Once in place, he flipped up the skirt and ran a finger down my wet slit. I felt him chuckle and heard him suck the honey from his finger. His hand came down then. Firmly. I moaned with pleasure. He alternated between my cheeks and just when I thought I couldn’t take any more he stopped, check my puss again, and slowly pressed not one, not two, but three fingers deep into my tunnel. That’s all it took. I exploded, showering his hand and trousers with my pleasure. I’m not sure how long the orgasm lasted – minutes, hours, days? but when he finally withdrew his fingers, I was satiated and grateful.

I slit to the floor between his legs and looked up at him. “Please, let me attend to you,” I begged.

He stood and said, “No, my sweet. That was your reward for obeying. I’m going to go change now that you have completely ruined these slacks.  Go wait for me in the car. We’re going to The Garden Room tonight.”

I smiled up at him. I KNEW (okay, I hoped) he would take someplace worthy of this dress.

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