His Slave Night

D3HItHKX0AEG50VIt was date night. I had not only agreed, but asked Milord to take me out and to treat me as his slave, not submissive. Naturally, he agreed. At first, it was great. I slipped out of my panties and handed them to him. I kissed him. I said hello to the man sitting next to me. I even unsnapped the attachers on my dress as He commanded. BUT, when he reached in to fondle that which is his and which I had given him permission to do in front of the man sitting next to me AND offered the man that same breast, I balked. I stepped back and pushed Milord’s hand away.

Yes, I should have known that the “stranger” was no stranger at all to Milord, but I didn’t know that, and I resisted. Milord called for the manager (also a friend of Milord’s) and asked if we might have a private location for a small conversation. We, Milord, the man, and I  were shown into a small room where I was ordered to strip. I then had to repeat my request of earlier:  Please, Milord, I would like to go out tonight and be treated as your adored slave. I want you to punish me severely, even if it means humiliation, if I disobey you in any way.

Milord told me to bend over a narrow bench, look up, and open my mouth. The other man stood in front of me and unzipped his trousers. I closed my eyes and took him into my mouth, being careful to suck, lick and kiss his cock as I had been taught and to cradle and massage his balls. Milord was behind me, scolding me, telling me that He desires something of me and I have agreed, I WILL do as he says. I will, in this case, see that his friend comes to a joyful end. Because of my disobedience, however, I would be caned until said end was achieved.

I whimpered, but accepted my punishment. After all, I HAD asked for this! The cocane markck in my mouth twitch when I squealed after the first stripe. After the fifth, tears ran down my face. Neither man touched me. THAT would have given me pleasure, and this was for punishment. Finally, I felt the man’s cock expand. He shoved it deep, gagging me. Milord continued with the caning. My body was so confused that when the man’s hot seed slid down my throat, I too exploded with a shocking orgasm.

I was terrified that I would be punished for this, but instead, both men seemed pleased and Milord spread my cheeks and plunged his own cock deep into my slick tunnel. It took no more than minutes for both of us to climax. The other man had left. Milord helped me to stand, kissed me, and slid the dress over my body. My lips were swollen and cum dripped down my thighs. My ass was on fire and welted. I felt perfect.

“Now, ready to continue our date?”

“Oh yes, Milord. Quite.”

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