Nude Punished

I prefer my punishments to be given over his knee. However, since it IS a punishment, the choice is his. Tonight, he is displeased. Not only have I broken a New House Rules, but I’ve gotten snotty about it and back talked him in THAT attitude. Tuesday evening I was watching a show – nothing special – and time slipped away from me. As per the New Rules, I must be nude after 9:00 p.m.  It was 10:00 p.m. before I remembered. NATURALLY, Milord noted the time but didn’t say a single word. He just let me hang myself. Finally, I remembered, giggled, and said that it must not have matter all that much since he hadn’t corrected me. Lazily, I removed my clothes, showered, and climbed into bed.

This morning, I rose, sucked Md892b-tumblr_nk3dyr2ey31tb2gr7o1_540ilord’s cock, drank his cum, showered, and began to pick out my clothing for the day. That was when Milord reminded me about the 60 minutes that I had remained clothed, thus breaking a new house rule. As a result, I would be denied clothing ALL FREAKING DAY. I pouted, but he remained unmoved. He also ordered me onto all fours. I had smartened up at this point and didn’t argue. I had also seen the wooden paddle on the bed.

Sixty strokes he gave me. Sixty. As in 6-0. He wasn’t kidding when he warned that my punishment would be swift and severe. I wouldn’t be able to sit without remember this for days!! To make matters even worse, he ordered me to do a deep clean of the house before he returned home that night. Sobbing, I agreed. I HATE doing housework naked! I was also not allowed to shower until evening when, upon his approval of the condition of the house, he would administer another 60 spankings. If the house met with his approval, it would be OTK by his hand. If not, it would be a repeat of this morning. He would then, clean house or not, fuck my ass until I came and then fuck my mouth until HE  came. (Okay, that last part didn’t sound like a punishment – unpleasant, perhaps, but not punishment!)

Trust me. I will work my well used ass off today to make sure I can be Over His Knee!!naked-housework-large

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