The Disciplinarian

The Disciplinarian – Her perspective

It has been some time since she has come to see me and since she requested meetings ever month only to break those appointments, her discipline will be all the more severe. Of this, she is aware 14970312and has agreed to. Actually, everything I do she agrees to or I wouldn’t do it. To keep things interesting, I have not told her exactly my plans, but instead have sent her a list of possible plans requesting that she eliminate any that she is not comfortable with. I will then choose from that list once I have heard her confession.

She arrived at the hotel room precisely at 2:00 p.m. as directed. I smiled, realizing she did not want to again add tardiness to her list of “sins.” I sit on the armless chair and wait. She knows what to do. A breath later she is naked and kneeling in front of me, head bowed demurely, as she confesses.

Four times she has eaten fast food. Twice she has drunk an entire bottle of wine in one night. She no longer exercises regularly. She has cancelled several appointments with me.


She leans forward to unzip my trousers. The only time her hands will touch my cock is to free it. She then tucks her hands between her legs, careful not to touch her pussy and leans forward, swallowing my length. Her mouth is a miracle of delight and one day I will take my time with her, but this is not that day. This is a day of discipline. And so, I push her head down and hold it there until she controls her gagging. Tears are now flowing from her eyes, something that will continue for some time. Grabbing a handful of her soft air, I ruthlessly pump her head up and down until I am ready to release. Then, again, I hold her head in place. Swallowing is difficult at this angle, but she manages beautifully. If she wanted this session to be easy, she wouldn’t have agreed to come. Now that I have been satiated, I can attend to the business at hand.

“On the bed, on your belly.”

Silently, she complies. “For your first three infractions I will use first my belt, then the crop, then the hairbrush. You will receive a count of twenty from each implement. I will gag you and place a sheet over your flesh in the interest of not disturbing the other hotel guests. Because of that thin barrier, expect each blow to be quite firm.”

I do not wait for her to agree, she already has. I buckle the gag around her head. If tumblr_p3vm1tHXOI1u6hzxro1_500she needs me to stop, she will make a fist and “knock” three times. By the time I am finished with the belt her ass is bright pink, tears have made the sheet beneath her cheek quite damp, and I can smell her arousal. Next I use the crop, making a delightful pattern not only on her ass, but on her upper thighs. For the brush, I nudge her legs wide apart and spread the count across her scarlet ass and her inner thighs.

Her sobs  are quite charming and her pussy is glistening. Without mercy, I turn her over and scold her for her misdeeds, holding her face so she has no choice but to look at me. Her mascara has run across her face and drool covers her chin. She’s beautiful.

“And no, for the most egregious of your sins, can you guess how I have chosen to discipline you? No? First, you not be allowed to orgasm.” She whimpered and fresh tears fell from her eyes. I smiled and reached my hand into my pocket. Her eyes widened and she began to shake her head. “Now, now, this was on the list of choices which you agreed to.” I began to pinch and twist her right nipple until it stood proud and tall. Swiftly, I placed the clip on the red, tender flesh then adjusted it to what I felt would be the proper tension. She squirmedRelated image and began to pant. “Remember, no orgasm. Not for naughty women like you who break your own rules. You should be ashamed of yourself and it’s my job to make sure you are.”

The second clip was now attached. I nudged her legs wide and began to spank her clit as I spoke. “It’s my job to make sure you understand the importance of our monthly meetings. I know you did not expect mercy from me.” Her clit was now puffy and perfect. With exquisite care, I attached the final clip.

She screamed around the gag. “There. That should do.” I held out my hand to help her sit upright. I removed the gag and said, “I’m trusting you to follow my instructions. Once I have left you will fix your face and get dressed. You will go down to the hotel coffee shop and order a tea and scone. You will sit and enjoy your treat. Then, you will go back to your home. You may then shower and remove the clamps. To ensure you follow these instructions, I want you to send me pictures of yourself leaving the shop, entering your home, and after your shower.”

She sucked in her breath, realization of my demands dawning in her eyes, then nodded her head.

“I will do as you say, Sir,” she whispered.

I kissed her, adjusted my tie, and left, having no doubt that I would soon receive some very lovely pictures.


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