Challenge Accepted

Mister offered me a challenge, one which I accepted. If he would build an eco friendly treehouse on the back forty of our property, which happens to have a lovely small forest and is very, very private, would I be willing to live there for one full month. I agreed.

After doing a considerable amount of research and having two of his buddies help, Mister completed the dwelling. It’s beautiful and simple. He installed a large water tank for clean water and a rain catcher for “gray” w3efad099b26d81aba1d9060de6654e21ater which can be used for washing. As for restroom facilities, we went old school and have a chamber pot which can be emptied over a balcony. This sounded gross to me at first, but then I remembered I was in the forest with a creek nearby . Plus, it’s not like there would be a city worth of waste, just the two of us. No electricity, but a small wood burning stove for heat and cooking, a bed, a small table, two chairs, one skillet, one pot, two plates, mugs, a pitcher and bowl set, and utensil sets, bed linen, towels, some hooks on the walls, storage space beneath the dry sink and bed, and assorted other supplies.

The day came to move in and we, naturally, needed to christen the place. First, Mister had me cut a switch which he promptly used on my bare bottom. I had been wearing a simple dress and sneakers, but he told me to remove the dress. I then held on to the ladder while he applied to switch. The moment I heard it whistle through the air my nipples tightened and my pussy gushed. five stripes later and all I could think of was his cock inside of me.

He then told me to go on up to my new home. I clamored up the ladder and looked around, pleased.

“Would you like to me to thank you?” I asked.


I sat on the bed and unzipped his jeans, pushing them to the floor. He stepped out of them as I cradled his balls and gently massaged. I kissed his crown and lapped up the droplets forming there. My heart beat faster when I heard him moan and his hands on my shoulders. With minute attention to detail, I went to work, savoring every inch of his cock. All too soon he stepped back.

“Keep going and I’ll unload before you are pleasured, ” he warned. “Lie back.”

I did so and it was now his turn to lap pleasure on me. His tongue darted in and out of me like a hummingbird gathering nectar. Soon, I was writhing on the bed, exploding beneath him. He was working his fingers in and out of me now, his mouth having moved up to my nipples. He sucked HARD, biting and twisting with each wave that washed over me.  He yanked his fingers free with a wet plopping sound and replaced them with his cock.

“More!” I cried. “Please.”

“I love that you’re such a slut!” he answered lifting my legs and placing my ankles on his shoulders. He grabbed my nipples, pulling them taunt as he fucked me. I screamed his name, lost to the world. He grunted and fulled me with his own pleasure allowing me to ride his wave of passion.

Hours later, after a light dinner, he kissed me and headed down the ladder.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “I thought we were staying here for a month.”

He grinned and I knew I was in trouble. “I believe I asked if YOU would be willing to stay here for a month. You agreed. I never said anything about me staying here, my love. Don’t worry, I’ll be by twice a day at least to make sure you are serviced and to keep you resupplied. But, just to make sure you keep your word, I’m detaching the ladder.”

“What??” I cried out. “That’s not what I agreed to!”

He looked at me. I looked at him. Yes, actually, it was what I had agreed to, just not what I thought I had agreed to. I thought about it then grinned. Challenge Accepted.

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