No Shame

The evening began perfectly. The message on the bed read dress in the new evening gown. You won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t A beautiful gown, a handsome, attentive man, a limousine, champagne, exotic nibbles, even a string quartet. He held out his hand so we would dance, I thought. I took it and looked up at him as I stood. He let go of my hand but still held it out. I looked down, knowing. Slowly and obediently, I slid off my panties and handed them to him.


I heard a few ladies snicker, but smiled to myself. I knew what awaited me when I got home. I knew what awaited them as well. I knew which would home would be filled with sex and love and joy. And which would not. I feel no shame at obeying my Love, only pride and freedom.


True submission is not forced subjugation. It is love and respect and giving and taking and being comfortable in one’s accepted place. It is never letting a relationship grow stale. It is seeing the excitement and joy and possibility of each moment.

It is obedience not from force or fear, but for choice and pride. It is acceptance of the place I have chosen to live.



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