Day 35 of 24/7 lifers

We have passed the point of no return. “No return” because I NEVER want to return to my old life. I am far happier and as result, more confident, than I have ever been. The other day at work, feeling Ri’ with me via the belt and the sore ass, I told off an annoying co-working in the most polite manner possible. So polite, in fact, that he didn’t even realize I wsmall chastityas telling him off but did, in fact, begin treating me with more respect.

On the home front, Ri’ now allows me to remove the chastity belt when I am with him – sometimes. When I leave the house, he locks a less cumbersome one in place. On day 22 I went without it completely and actually felt lonely and sad without it. Due to the last 21 days of training, though, I had no hesitation in asking Ri’ to replace it when I was not in his presence. Now when I get home from work I immediately strip except for the belt. It is for him to decide when and where to remove it.

I still must ask permission to come unless it is a “free day”. On those days, I am to come as often as possible. Trust me. One can become exhausted from orgasming!! We still need to work on the HABIT of 24/7, but we are closer to achieving our goal. For example, I am now spanked as a routine only in the mornings. Of course, if I misbehave or if he is simply in the mood, I can be spanked, caned, or flogged more often!

The other day, though, Ri’ was running late and didn’t spank me. I didn’t even think of it until he had already left. I shrugged it off and went to work then sent him a text reminding him. I then received very specific instructions for how I was to pre16 - 1sent myself that evening. I was to cuff myself (tricky, but certainly possible),  remove all of my clothing except for the belt and heels, and sit facing the door with my legs spread wide. I would get into position as quickly as possible upon arriving home and wait.

After a 45 minute wait, I was nervous as shit but so very relieved when he walked in. To my shock, though, he walked right past me. He changed into more comfortable clothes, grabbed a big glass of water, then slowly sipped it, leaning against the wall looking at me. I began to wiggle and cry silently. He had not given me permission to move or speak.

“We both fucked up today,” he said. “My punishment has been to feel like I let you down all day long. Yours is to have missed the feel of my hand on your ass. I’m sorry,” he said. “Would you like your daily spanking now?”

“Yes!” I answered quickly. “Please, Ri’. I’3290f-held2bdownve missed the heat that only you can give.”

He first had me stand and removed the belt. Then, he sat on the chair and pulled me over his lap – my favorite position! By the time he finished, we were both breathing hard and dripping wet – me from my face and puss; him from the rather large puddle on his jeans. He turned me over and held me close, begging MY forgiveness. Later that night we made love and both orgasmed with earth shattering passion.

Rest assured, we have not missed a morning session since.

This life is NOT for everyone, but I believe it certainly is for us.


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