Punished upon his Pleasure

Winter Rules 2018 

House Rules

I’ve been good. Really I have.  Nonetheless, Milord decreed that I was in need of, or rather HE was in the mood for, a day of severity. And, per House Rule #2, my body is his to use as he pleases. I cringed. It is rare when Milord decrees this. As always, I can always bow out of all or part of his decisions, but I do so hate to disappoint and I do so love a challenge. Milord came up with special rules just for today. I cannot say NO. I may, naturally, use my safeword, but the word “no” will never come from my mouth. I will orgasm as often as possible. Eventually, Milord said, he looks forward to me begging him for a break from orgasming, which he fully intends to deny. At least two of my holes will be filled at all times. My ass will remain red, or at the very least pink, at all times. My nipples will be elongated and puffed. I may cry as much as I like. My tears excite Milord.

He began by fucking my ass. He didn’t bother with lube, but rather used his own spit. There was no easing in, but a full, powerful thrust, balls to the base. I cried out from the suddenness as well as the pure joy of having him encased within me. True to keeping two holes filled, he shoved two fingers into my mouth, holding it open until drool dripped down. It took maybe three thrusts before I came, screaming around his fingers. Within moments, he too came, filling my bowels with his essence. A rattumblr_muhddqaVqG1spjk8xo1_1280her large plug followed and his cock replaced his fingers. I sucked and licked him clean, remaining on my hands and knees. He had grabbed a flogger and went to work on my ass while I worked on his cock. Tears fell as the pain and pleasure intensified and again I felt myself tremble with the joy of his use. He laughed, called me filthy names, and rained down the tongues of the flogger on my ass.

After my second orgasm, he led me, mouth still wrapped around his cock, to the garage (luckily attached). “Sit back on your heels.” He reached down, attaching clips to my nipples. I cried out again because he didn’t just clip them, he draped the chain around the pole before attaching the second clip. I panted, the pinch running straight to my clit

“Pretty,” he said. Then leaned back against the wall, arms crossed. “How’s the asshole feel?”

“Stretched and tender, Milord.”

“Hmmm. And the ass?”

“Hot and sensitive, Milord.”

“Hmmm. And the nips.”

Tears streamed down my face.

“Like Satan himself is clawing at them, Milord.”

He laughed. “Perfect! Now. Stand up and lean with one shoulder against the pole. Keep your back flat and your feet wide. I find the sight of you there has caused my cock to rise again.”

As gracefully as I could, I did as he said. I could not possibly have been wetter!! He left the plug in place and instead, slid his cock into my ridiculously slick tunnel. This time, he was meticulously slow. I closed my eyes, feeling each milimeter of him open me. I pushed back and felt his hard hand crash down on my ass.

“You will not move.”

I dropped my head. How? How would I do this?? I lost count of the number of times I moved and was rewarded with a sharp crack of his hand. Minutes passed, hours, it seemed. My back began to ache, but it was no matter. Milord was making sounds of pleasure and using me for his pleasure. THAT was all that matter. He leaned over, took hold of the chain connecting my nipples and pulled. I screamed from the pain as he yanked the clips free of my swollen and tender flesh. I exploded into a frenzy of sensation. His hand coming down again and again on my abused flesh until he too released once again inside of me.

Panting, he pulled out of me and slipped in a dildo. I was terrified that it would fall out again since I was so very wet. I felt movement, though and then a leather belt slipped between my legs and tightened around his waist. A harness. So tight I could barely breath. It would surely keep both the plug and the dildo inside of me.

“Knees.” I dropped down.

“Clean.” I opened my mouth and was rewarded with his cock, covered in both of our juices.  When he finally stepped back I looked up at him, a smile on my face.

“Think you can go on for a few more hours?” he asked solicitously.

“Milord, you promised me a full day of punishment. I plan to hold you to that.”

He threw his back and laughed. Today was turning out to be perfect.

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