Stress Release

Bossing the Boss 

The work week was done and over – finally! My desk was clean and Evan, my Executive Assistant as well as my Dominant, let out a huge sigh of relief. Then, his eyes darkened and he said, “Submit.” That’s it. One. Freaking. Word. That’s all it takes for us to switch roles. My nipples got hard and my pussy soft. I smiled up at him and stood, hands behind my back.

“You’re tense. I know exactly what you need.” It was true. “Strip,” he ordered as he turned to lock my office door. We rarely have a session at the office, but he was right. I was so damned tense that I NEEDED release or I would explode. He positioned me carefully, bending me over my own desk, spreading my ankles  wide. To make sure I stayed in place he opened the locked left cabinet (for emergency supplies!) anover the desk workd took out some silken cords He tied my wrists to my ankles beneath the desk and my ankles to the outer feet of the desk. I was quite happily immobilized.

“Ready?” he asked solicitously.

“Yes, Sir,” I answered hearing the anticipation in my own voice.

His hand came down over  and over again until my skin was warm and tingly. With each slap I felt a tiny bit of tension leave my shoulders. At first, I always keep count in my head, but after 30 I stopped. Numbers no longer mattered. Nothing mattered except my Man, my body, and this moment.

He paused and I heard the click of his belt. Now the real spanking would begin. Now I would find my release. Soon, my ass was burning and the office filled with the sent of my own musky excitement. My body relaxed against the cherry wood and I raised my hips as much as I could to meet each kiss of leather. He ran a finger up my slickness and inserted it into my tunnel, fucking me until I cried out with pleasure. Only then did he stand in front of me, unzip his trousers, and use my mouth for his own release.

When he finished, he made himself presentable again, untied me and handed me my dress. I slipped it over my head knowing better than to ask for the lingerie. He kissed me and said, “Now, you look more relaxed and happy. Dinner?”

“Whatever you want, Sir. Whatever you want.”

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