Training her Ass – part 3

It’s been weeks now and Clara’s ass is, if I say so myself, very well trained. I fuck her ass at least twice as often as I do her pussy. Plus, when I do fuck her pussy, her ass if filled. Each and every time. She complained about this for a bit, but soon came to accept this new rule. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she received one lick of the cane for every complaint she made! She’s more then welcome to discuss without reprisal, but complain or whine – no. I simply won’t have that. Now, she not only accepts my rule over her ass, but begs for it.

It was her suggestions that whenever we go out that her ass be plugged, a reminder that no matter where we are or what we are doing, her ass is really mine. Naturally, I agreed wholeheartedly. What surprised her was when I denied her the use of panties AND told her wear a short skirt. She opened her mouth to question, but saw the look on my face. She grinned, nodded, and dressed to my specifications. Unfortunately, poor Clara began to wiggle and squirm on the drive home. I reminded her to mind her mann1e542-gas2bstationers and sit still. When she rolled her eyes, I knew she needed a little lesson. Glancing at the gas indicator, I pulled into a petrol station. Normally, I don’t vape anywhere near a petrol station even though I know it’s perfectly safe, but tonight was different. I told Clara SHE would be pumping the gas while I enjoyed a few drags AND the show. She began to huff a bit, so I gave her a choice. Do as I said or get five lines with the cane.

By the time we arrived home, Clara was far more humble. She even apologized for giving me attitude! Then, she told me how much she enjoyed the evening out and, while it was somewhat uncomfortable and humiliating on a certain level, how much she adored wearing the plug.

“Please, Sir, this plug has been in for hours, holding a place for you. I want, no, I need your cock inside of me,” she begged.

Well, what’s a Dom to do when his sub asks for something so prettily?

Needless to say, we both ended the night with smiles.

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