Summer’s Reprimand

Milord was out of town – just overnight – but I still managed to break a Summer Rules 2018.  Per rule #3,

  • I will be filled with either a dildo, Kegel egg, ben wah balls, or anal plug (possibly two items at a time) for at least one  one and a half hours each day. Whatever Milord cho2e4e94d4231663491f404cbf775199a1oses to insert, only He will remove. If he is out of town or at work, he may choose to text me with his wishes. If this is the case, he will also give me a specific length of time which the item or items must me kept in.

Milord didn’t text me, but he did leave me specific instructions. At 7:30 p.m. I was to shower, lube, and insert a small metal egg. I was to snap  pic, send it to him no later than 7:50. At 9:15, I could remove it, snap another pic, and send it to him no later than 9:30. Simple. Did I do it? No. Why not? Because, as I admitted to him, I was being a brat and intentionally didn’t follow his directive. I was angry about having to be home by 7:30 even though I had no specific plans to go out for the evening.

For the record, if I HAD wanted to be out later, all I had to do was call or text him and he would have adjusted the time. I knew this, but was a brat anyway. Naturally, consequence have ensued. Milord, upon arriving home, immediately tanned by backside and filled my ass with a jeweled plug. He then fucked me until my head spun around, which I mistakenly thought signaled the end of my punishment since he allowed me to come and filled my tunnel with his sweetness! My mistake! when he finished, he tossed me a very, very short dress and told me we were going on a little walk. I knew better than to ask if I could put on something more decent that would cover me more!


We walked and talked and I was beginning to relax despite the steady trickle of cum traveling down my thighs. Milord even gave me a gift! He insisted I open it immediately! It was a beautiful “slave” anklet!! I loved it!

“Now,” Milord said. “You are going to bend over and put it on. Right here. Right now. No arguing.”

I bit my lip. If I bent over my entire ass would be exposed along with the plug still filling my bum hole!! “Now!” he repeated. I had no real choice (even thought I actually did!) I bent over and did as he commanded. He was standing behind me, blocking any innocent bystander’s view, but I was still well and properly humiliated.

Once we got back home, I apologized again for my brattiness, raved over the new gift, and assured Milord that I had learned my lesson – which, I assure you, I had.

“Good,” Milord said with a smile. “But just to be sure, I’m going to keep that plug in you for a few more hours. When I take it out, I’m going to fuck that stretched ass until you scream my name.”

I grinned, and said, “As you wish Milord.” Really, I’m a lucky brat sometimes.5b69d3ddba0788bbdfc1610b3951a605



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