Fall Rules 2018

  1.  Nipple rings will be threaded through with a connecting chain 24/7 unless given specific permission otherwise.
  2. Dinner will be on the table by 6:30 every night. Dinner will also be, unless otherwise agreed up, a formal affair. Milord will dress for dinner, I will undress for dinner and it will consist of at least 2 courses – soup and main on weekdays – 3 courses – soup, main, and dessert on weekends.
  3. Once a week I will present Milord with a new toy, spanking implement, or bondage gear. I will NOT order these online, but go to the local adult store for such purchase.
  4. Once every other week Milord will host an evening for other D/s couples. I will serve appetizers, drinks, and have a large array of toys available, all presented tastefully on silver trays.
  5. Once every 24 hours I will offer my ass, pussy, and mouth for Milord’s use.


Yes, I agreed to each and every one of the above rules. Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m going to punished (very soon!!!) for breaking them. (wink, wink)


6 thoughts on “Fall Rules 2018

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