Summer Rules 2018

Milord loved last summer’s rules and, for that matter, so did I. He suggested that this summer we continue with the same basic rules, with just a few little tweaks which I’ve marked. These rules actually began on Memorial Day and will go until September 21.

  • No bra or underwear unless given specific permission, which is doubtful. Milord enjoys seeing my nipples poking through my clothing and he enjoys free, unrestricted access to my pussy at all times.
  • My nipples will be clamped, sucked, pinched, or manipulated in some way each morning and night for a minimum of 15  20 minutes. If Milord doesn’t have time or is out of town, I must clamp them myself. I will also not complain or pull away whenever Milord chooses to play with or display my nipples.
  • I will be filled with either a dildo, Kegel egg, ben wah balls, or anal plug (possibly two items at a time) for at least one  one and a half hours each day. Whatever Milord chooses to insert, only He will remove. If he is out of town or at work, he may choose to text me with his wishes. If this is the case, he will also give me a specific length of time which the item or items must me kept in.
  • Each night that we are together I will suck his cock before going to sleep.
  • I will wear, at all times, a slave anklet and leather bracelets on each wrist as a sign of my devotion and submission to Milord.

(I’ve already misbehaved once. I was doing the dishes when Milord stepped behind me and tweaked my nipples. Without thinking, I slapped his hand away and said, “Stop.” I’ll be posting my punishment soon.”


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