As part of my Spring Rules 2018, I must wear only lingerie which Milord has chosen for me. As I stated earlier, this is no hardship since He has provided me with aDIchEMOXcAAZ1C_n entire lingerie chest filled with yummy items, all of which match. If something is missing in the set, then I simply must go without. Today, for example, I am wearing a luscious set of panties and matching garter belt made of silk and pattered with light pink roses and ming green leaves. However, there is matching bra, therefore, I am not allowed to wear one. I hadn’t thought about this being a problem until I put on an almost matching silk bra of mint green. When I presented myself for inspection, Milord quickly showed me the error of my ways! First, he had me remove the bra and hand it to him. I also had to retrive the matching panties and give those to him as well. Now, I was one set short of my collection, which meant that unless he replaced it, I would be without lingerie for one day next week (He only provides 7 sets per week, and I am only allowed to launder my lingerie on Tuesdays.) As a further reminder of my rule, Milord placed clothespins on my nipples. They would stay in place, he told me, until we had both orgasmed. He kissed me then spun me around, bending me over a living room chair. Rather than removing my panties, he simply pushed them asside and pressed his cock into my body. First, let me say that the moment he spoke “hello” to me, I was wet. Second, let me satumblr_nvfijkM1gy1teg8f3o1_400y that whenever he doesn’t bother with fore play but just goes for the power stroke immediately, I completely melt! This is exactly what happened today!! He grabbed my hips and plunged balls deep inside of my weeping, needy puss. I screamed his name, thanking him, meeting each of his thrusts with my own. He laughed, teased me for being such a slut, and fucked me hard and fast. I came within moments, clawing at the arms of the chair I was drapped over. He reached up and flicked the clips on my nipples, causing that exquisite pain to transcent into undescribable pleasure. He continued to flick them and fuck me as I came again and again. When I thought I would lose my mind, he grunted and released himself deep inside of me, pulling the clips off at the same time, again granting me the exquiste contrast of pain and pleasure in a soul defining burst of joy.  After a time, I came back to myself, Milord no longer impaled inside of me, but gently rubbing my back and kissing my neck, telling me sweet words of comfort of love. He helped me to stand and to slip a simple dress over my head. I fixed my face and hair then slipped into a pair of flats. My pretty panties drenched with the reminder of his lovemaking, my nipples clearly outlined beneath the soft cotton fabric, I was ready to face the day, assured of Milord’s love, protection, and devotion.

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