She’s tense, keyed up, wild eyed. Her sharp tongue slices clipped answers and her shoulders practically touch her ears.

“Second bedroom. Now,” I order. Her eyes flash with defiance, but she goes without question, another sure sign she’s in need of what only I can give her. She steps in and begins to strip out of her clothes. That’s one requirement of this room. She will take no more than two steps into the room before stripping. In here, she is mine. In here, I hold the power. In here, the only thing that will stop what I do is her safeword. In here, she is free from all other decisions.

I sit on the straight backed chair and pat my lap. She huffs, put positions herself. Using m3290f-held2bdowny hand, I deliver 10 swift swats, 5 on each cheek. She shrieks, kicks, and I hold her in place. “Ready to talk?” I ask. She doesn’t answer, so I give her 10 more.

“Now?” No answer. Another 10.

Her ass is bright red now, hot to the touch. I’ve a strong, fast hand, especially when she’s in a mood. Suddenly, she starts talking, telling me of her week, how she’d broken a heel on her favorite shoes, got stuck on the phone with her mother for over an hour while she complained about not having any grandchildren, the dishwasher overflowing on her freshly mopped floor, the vacum cleaner clogging up and having to spend two hours figuring out how to get it going again.

While she talked, I kept up a steady rhythm on her upturned ass. I could feel the tension evaporate from her body as her sobs quieted into silence and her flesh turned a beautiful crimsom. Finally, she was limp across my laps, no longer sobbing, but moaning, her hips rising to meet each swat. I could smell her arousal now, feel her body begin to tremble. “Better?” I asked quietly.

“Please,” she answered. “Finish me.”

I lifted her from my lap and positioned her on the bed, face down, pillows beneath her hips. My god, she is perfect. Within moments I was naked as well, my cock buried balls deep in her weeping, fragrant pussy. She arched her back, cried out with pleasure and came. I didn’t slow for her but plunged in and out, in and out, biting my lip to try and slow my own release. I reached down and rimmed her anus with my finger. She raised heer hips even higher, and said, “Everything. I need you to take every hole. Please.”

Reluctantly, I pulled out of her warm, wet puss and eased my way into her equally warm and impossibly tight anus. My cock was covered in her cream, so I knew she had plenty of lubrication. She moaned and pushed back, impaling herself on my cock. Obviously, she needed this, badly. I gripped her hip with one hand and again began to spank her still red ass with the other all the while pumping into her ass. She clawed the sheets, tensed, then I watched, fascinated, as her body trembled and quivered with pleasure. I couldn’t hold out any longer, and emptied my balls deep inside of her. Stars shot across my vision as I reached the pinnacle of pleasure. Slowly, we came back to ourselves. I rolled over to lie next her and, to my surprise, saw that she needed more. She needed me to subjugate her totally, to remind her that no matter how difficult a week or day or hour she has, she will always be the one who can bring me pleasure. She will always be mine. She will always be loved.

“Go on,” I say, placing my hands behind my head, “clean up.”

Seeing the twinkle in her eye, and hearing her sigh of relief, I knew I had judged correctly. She crawled downward, taking my spent cock first in her hand then in her mouth, kissing and licking and sucking it. She made little mewling sounds as she cleaned me completely. When she finished, she lay with her head on my stomach, her hand still cradling my cock. “Thank you,” she said quietly. “I needed that so.”

“My Pleasure, my love. Definitely, my pleasure.”

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