Lifestyle Choice

Jessica couldn’t deny her excitement. Today would be the first day of a change in lifestyle. Patrick and she had used BDSM in the bedroom to spice things up for years, but today they would embrace the lifestyle outside of the bedroom. They had agreed to a few basic rules:  1.  Honesty at all times with the right to refrain from speaking. 2.  Patrick would always and without question honor Jessica’s safeword. 3.  Each would treat the other with respect at all times.  4.  Punishment, corrections, and reminders would be at Patrick’s discretion.  5.  Jessica would never deny Patrick access to any part of her body (safeword excluding) 6.  Whatever Patrick put in or on her body would stay there until he decided otherwise.

The day began with Jessica on her knees adoring Patrick’s cock. He stroked her head as sighed. Encouraged, Jessica sucked harder, deeper, massaging his hot balls, eager to please him, but also pleasing herself. With every moan of pleasure or word of encouragement, Jessica’s pussy dripped with pleasure. Finally, Patrick grabbed her hair tightly, pushed her head down so that her lips met the base of his throbbing cock, and fed her his sweet, sweet cum. Jessica trembled, on the edge of orgasm herself.  This, however, was not allowed. To prove that she truly wanted this lifestyle 24/7, Patrick had warned her not to come without permission and had assured her that he would not give that permission until evening, and then, only if she had proved herself. Once Patritumblr_p0qkt7JDF01wzbuxzo1_1280ck’s breathing had returned to normal, he ordered her to stand up and bend over the side of the bed. She did this, glassy eyed with need. She knew he wouldn’t fuck her, not so soon after his orgasm, so when she felt a hard coldness pressing against her anus, she jumped, startled. He placed a hand on her back, soothing her, and told her to push back. He’d lubed the plug well. She bit her lip and did as he ordered, crying out when the widest part entered her. Next, he told her to stay in position. He was going to mark her ass six times, one for each of their rules. She was to say a rule, proving she remembered them, then he would mark her so that it would be imbedded into her memory. By the time Patrick finished, Jessica was sobbing with both pain and frustration. Oh how she wanted his cock inside of her!! This, however, was not to be. He helped her stand, kissed her tears, and praised her, telling her that he was so very proud of her. If she kept this up, she’d enjoy many, many orgasms this evening. Heat grew in her belly, a pride that she had never felt before. Then, Patrick told her to shower and dress. He’d chosen her clothes and she was to wear only what he put in the bathroom for her. Kissing him deeply, Jessica did as she was told. 88c7d63cb11e72567e45dd2f8d2fd432To her surprise, there hung a very modest white blouse and grey jumper. She showered, dressed, and then presented herself to Patrick, aware at all times of the sting on her bottom and the plug in her ass. Naturally, he had included undergarments She was terrified that the plug would fall out, but also thrilled by the knowledge that HE had placed it inside of her.

They went about their day, shopping, strolling in the park, enjoying lunch and dinner out. Twice while in the car Patrick had pulled into a secluded area, removed the plug, and asked if she needed to eliminate. Once she had, so he drove to a rest area, handing her the plug and a small tube of lube, instructing her to replace the plug when she finished. As she did as he ordered, she smiled to herself, wondering what the other women in the restroom would think if they knew what she was doing. Her fingers brushed over he labia, touching her own wetness. It would only take a moment to satisfy herself. Patrick would never know. She thought, but decided that if she couldn’t follow rules on this first day, she wasn’t really set up for this lifestyle. The second time he asked, she said no, she was fine. He then made her get out of the car and bend over the hood. He removed the plug, checked her level of lubrication, added more, then replaced the plug. Jessica moaned, wanting, needing more, but knew she would be denied. She was, nevertheless, grateful that the plug as a small one.

Finally, they arrived back home. Patrick undressed Jessica, then told her to undress him. When she was on her knees and had removed his trousers, shoes and socks, he ordered her to again adore his cock. Jessica looked up at him, knowing she couldn’t beDL_3EdPXkAAdo7G more excited if she tried! As she took his cock into her mouth, her own body began to tremble with need. She had never wanted him so badly. “That’s it,” he said. “Make me hard. Good. Now, come here and sit on me. Ride my cock like you’ve wanted to all day. You’ve been so good, Jess. So very good.” Happily, she did as he directed, wincing just a bit when his hands ran over her still tender marks. He kissed her deeply, then broke the kiss, nibbled on her ear and whispered. “Reward time now, my pretty sub. You can come as much as you like.” That’s it. That’s all it took to set her over the edge. She clawed his back, ground her hips against his, and squeezed his cock with her muscles. She threw her head back, screaming her pleasure as her entire body quivered with sensation.

An hour later, exhausted, relieved of the plug, and filled with his cum, Jessica snuggled against Patrick. She knew ever day wouldn’t be like this one, but if today was a indication of what was to come, she would be very, very happy with this lifestyle choice.

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