TaTa Tuesday

“Get in  the car,” I said. I love the way her eyes widen when I take this particular tone of voice. I can smell her excitement. She grabs her leather jacket and follows me unquestioningly. On the way we talk about all sorts of things – music, food, the new house cleaner she just hired. Everything except where we are going. She won’t ask, even thought the anticipation is eating at her. Once she asked even after I warned her not to. I pulled over the car, hauled her disobedient ass out, bent her over hood, flipped up her skirt, pulled down her panties and delivered the well deserved spanking. She hasn’t asked again. Today, we pull up at a friend’s place of business – a piercing and tattoo parlor. Carolyn’s eyes go round, but she bites her lip and walks in with me. I’ve been hinting that I’d like her to get a new tat – something around her glorious nipples. She’s hesitant and so I won’t force her. I’d never force her to do anything. Make her anxious, excited, eager, a bit fearful, a lot horny – now all of that I will do. Jessica, my friend, takes Carolyn into a private back room. Before she does, I ask if she is ready to be obedient. She says yes. I blindfold her and take off her top. She shivers and my cock is hard as a rock! I help her lie down on the table and nod to Jessica who warns Carolyn not to move. Jess and I grin at each other. Poor Carolyn is so anxious she can barely contain herself. The room fills with the scent of her and I can’t help myself. While Jessica does her magic, I lift Carolyn’s skirt. Yep. Her pussy looks like a lovely and tasty waterfall. I run my finger up her slit and she jumps. I slap her thigh and warn her to remain still. “Yes, sir,” she murmurs. Jessica laughs and goes back to work. So do I. I work first one, then two, then three fingers inside of Carolyn’s slick cunt. “Do not come,” I warn. “You do not have permission.” Secretly, I’m hoping she does. Then, I can punish her. The blindfold is getting wet, absorbing her tears, as she works so hard to control herself. Jessica finishes one breast and moves on to the next. I take the plug I’ve brought out of my pocket and push it inside Carolyn’s pussy, removing two fingers to make room for it. She cries out and begins to beg for release. “Absolutely not,” I tell her. “You’ll thrash around and ruin the design.” She’s breathing hard now and another gush of wetness covers my finger. Perfect. I remove the plug from one hole and gently push it into the other. I catch Jessica’s eye and she nods, pausing her work. We both know poor Carolyn’s about to disobey. Sure enough. When the plug is fully seated, she trembles violently, betumblr_n8apdmXnBr1qd6hh5o1_1280gins to babble an apology, and explodes. Once she’s back on earth, Jessica finishes up. Carolyn’s nipples are erect, hard as bullets, and spectacular. I help her to stand and ease her jacket on, but leave the blouse off. I zip her up then we head back to the car. Her eyes are bright, wet, sparkling. The plug is affecting her gait which makes me smile. She eases her bottom onto the car seat and bluckles up. Once we’re on the road, I unzip her jacket and finally allow her to see Jessica’s work. She gasps is both shock and delight. “They’re beautiful!” she breathes. “How long will they stay?” “About a week if we’re careful,” I tell her. “Which we will be. I’m thinking three marks with the cane for every jewel that comes off during the next 5 days. Acceptable?” She thinks a minute, then agrees. “What will be my punishment for coming?” she asks. This pleases me. She hasn’t forgotten. “For starters, you’ll strip and be on your knees within 30 seconds of getting home. Then you’ll take care of this massive hard on.” She giggles and tells me that that will be a pleasure, not a punishment. I laugh as well. “Good point. By the way,” I ask, “how are enjoying that plug?” Her giggles end. She doesn’t enjoy a plug. I make sure she isn’t in pain, but she dislikes the humiliation and the discomfort. Whenever one is in, she never, ever forgets it’s there. “How long?” she asks quietly, now understanding her punishment. “It’s just the medium one and flexible, so a minimum of 2 hours. You’ll also remain nude for the time.” She’s quiet for a moment, staring at her bejewelled breasts, then says, “As you will it, let it be.” God I love this woman.

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