Thank Him for all He is

“Hand me youDLh7oO8XcAEr-pRr clothes – all of them,” Lion states.

Without conscious thought, I do as he says. Does it matter that we are outside behind His home? No. Does it matter that the day is a bit chilly? No. Does it matter that I am not at all comfortable being nude while outside even if this is private property? No. I am his as much as he his mine. He tells me to do something in THAT tone of voice with THAT look in his eyes and I obey. Disobedience is simply not an option, not for me anyway. If he wants me naked, a bit chilled, uncomfortable in my nakedness, then I shall be thus. He presses my back against a tree, the bark rough against my skin, grabs a handful of my hair, tips my head back, and devours my mouth with his. His hand pushes its way between my legs, fingers pinching my clit, and I moan into him. He bites my lip, drawing blood, the sticks his tongue deep into my throat, almost gagging me, daring me to bite back. I know better. His other hand grabs a nipple, pinches it, twists it. Tears spring to my eyes and fluid gushes from between my thighs. Suddenly, he releases me, s4bd27b9a7d573e18adf46c326538f0f2--close-my-eyes-gold-eyespins me around so my breasts, belly, and face are now pressed against the tree. His hand attends to my bottom, spanking until I’m dancing from foot to foot. When he’s finished, he spins me again and says, “Hands.” I hold them out. He takes a coiled rope from his bag and binds me, leaving a lot of rope free, like a leash. This, he tosses up and over a branch that is slightly above my reach and slowly raises my hands above my head. I’m terrified now, and so excited I can barely stand. He presses my hands against the tree trunk, above my head, then pulls my feet out, forcing me to bend. Finally, finally I hear him undress. “Please, please, take me, please.”

He does, impaling himself inside of my soaked pussy. His fingers grib my hips, pulling be back and forth, back and forth. He reaches around, grabs my bouncing tits, and pinches the nipples, pulling the downward. I cry out and come at the same time.

“I didn’t tell you to come.”

He pulls out and I cry out again. He pushes himself now into my ass, steadily opening me. Then, he fucks me in earnest. I think this is my punishment for coming without permission, but I’m wrong. He begins slowly and almost gently to slap my pussy with each inward thrust. the gentlness doesn’t last long, though, and soon tears are rolling down my cheeks as he fucks and slaps me harder and harder. I feel him grow larger and know he’s close. I don’t know if I want him to come or continue. I’m so confused and enthralled by him. The choice, though, isn’t mine to make, and so he comes, pumping his cum inside of me, punishing my pussy. Again, I can’t help it, I come. I’m begging forgiviness, which I really don’t want.

“Pick a number.”

I can’t. I can’t think. What’s a number? I wait too long to answer. He pulls out and spins me around, saying “Ten.” I nod, accepting this. He taps my thighs and I spread them wide for him. He delivers the first of the ten to my already swollen puss. I’m crying, sobbing, but he ignores this, as we both know he will. After the ninth, I’m in misery, so sore I know I won’t be able to put anything between my legs for days. Knowing I will accept him between my legs regardless.  He tugs on the rope and my arms are raised. I’m on my toes now.  “You can come.” Then spanks my pussy one last time. I explode in his hand, drenching his palm with wetness, crying out my plain and pleasure, and thanking him for all he is. My body is marked, still, scraped, reddened, used, and perfect.

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