Number 6 – a Dominant’s Game

Lucky number 6 – that’s what he said. Next, he had me go to my pinterest accout to the board labelled “Lifestyle” Lifestyle .

I was to choose the 6th pin. 4 clamps

Breast Nipple Clamps with Chain Clip Adult Sex Toy

Which turned out to be this. I was to purchase it if we didn’t already have it – which we did. Then, I was to go to my Clothing board, choose the 6th entry, and follow the same procedure. clothing

yes,I had to order the dress, but when it came in, Milord first made love to me. Slowly, exquisitely, beautifully. Then, once we had both found our release, he ordered me to retrieve the clamps. I bit my lip, but stood still as he attached the clamps to both of my nipples and my labia. Every single move I made sent tremors down my body. Either my labia was stretched or my nipples pulled. Then, He dressed in jeans and a white shirt. My mouth went dry looking at him, but that was all that was dry!! He then slipped the dress over my head and told me we were going out. I protested, telling him that each movement was excrutiating. He frowned and asked if I was serious or if I was just complaining. If I was serious, I was to say my safeword. If I was complaining, I’d best stop. I shut my mouth. We walked down to the local cafe. by the time we were arrived, I was a mess. A few tears on my face, my thighs so we they were beginning to chaf. Milord chose a small table outside and ordered coffee and croissants. I sipped my coffee and nibbled my pastry, accutely aware of the clamps. Milord just sat there and smiled. By the time we had walked back to our condo, I could barely stand. Upon entering our home, Milord undressed me, pulled me to him, kissed me, and with one harsh tug, ripped the clamps from my body. I screamed into his mouth, sobbed, and immediately sunk down to my knees. My hands were on his zipper before he could say a word and his cock was in my mouth before I could think. I didn’t want to think. I just wanted to serve. I sucked and worshipped his delicious cock until he pumped his own sweetness into my mouth. That, my friends, was only the beginning of an incredible night of delightful debauchery!

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