Dressing for His Pleasure

“But there will be people there I don’t know!” I pointed out in what I thought was an entirely reasonable voice. “Besides, you’ll be networking, you’ll barely notice me.” And that was my mistake. As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them. Milord ALWAYS noticed me, even when he was network at the Club. His reaction was immediate and expected. “Position.” He said this quietly and reached for to unbuckle his belt. I nodded once then undressed and assumed my position on the bed. Ten minutes later I was sobbing, my face drenched with tears, my thighs drenched with wetness. Yes, it hurt. Hurt like hell, but that wasn’t why I was crying. It was his words. “I notice you when you are with me or not. I notice when you become surly and disrespectful. I notice when you disobey. I notice when you are next to me or across the room.” I sobbed, “I’m sorry, sir. I know you do. I’m so sorry.”

“You certainly will be. Your ass will be tender for days. Will you like that?”

“Yes, Mtumblr_ot1no8hzAq1vi0gxho1_1280ilord,” I answered turthfully.

He chuckled and paused the belt long enough to run his fingers down my slit. Then, he laughed deeply before picking up his belt again and continuing what he had begun. “You’ll wear what I say without complaint when we go to the club,” he said.

“Yes, Milord,” I cried, my mind a red haze of pain and need and passion. He dropped the belt and positioned a pillow on the bed. I scrambled onto it, my hot, red ass elevated. He slipped behind me, grasped my hips and plunged his magnificient cock deep inside me. My ass, so very sore, screamed, but the pure pleasure of having him in me obscured the pain. I came, crying out his name, begging for more. He fucked me hard, deeply, burying himself in my most welcoming pussy. This. This is where I was happiest. Beneath Him, Impaled by Him, Marked by Him. I felt the searing heat of his cum pulse against my delicate inner tissue, heard the music of his panting, and joined him in this unspeakable pleasure.

I walked into the club, my head high, his hand on the small of my back, cum drying on my thighs, my nipples prominant and proud. His hand slid down, squeezed my ass. I sucked in my breath, but help my head high and didn’t utter a sound. He bend his head and whispered, “You’re beautiful. Perfect. Not only I, but every man and half the women in this room know that and want you. You have pleased me so very much. Never doubt I notice every thing about you.”

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