Reprimand for a Dominant

Dear Sir,

Why you do and say what you do is up to you, however, I need you to know how your actions and words make me feel. I know my reactions are just that – my own – but you, I don’t think, realize the influence you have not only over my physical body, but my spirit and my mind as well.  When you praise me, I’m on the moon. Even if it is non-sexual. “Wow! This dinner is fantastic!” and I’m floating on a high for hours. When you tell me to take my clothes off and get in bed, I can’t move fast enough to obey your orders. When you’re deep inside of me and can’t control yourself and come sooner than you planned, I’m ecstatic knowing the pleasure I have given you.

When, however, you say you are going to do something and then don’t follow through, I’m devastated, then angry, then hurt. When you tell me that you’re going to keep me plugged for hours only to use my ass again but then let me take the plug out (biological reasons) but don’t put it back it, I wonder at your sincerity. When you tell me that you’re going to use me, keep my ass red, have me suck on you, fuck me throughout the day, whenever you want, but then you don’t, I question my sexual appeal. When you tell me that you expect me to be available to you, that I can wear a skirt and sweater but nothing else, but I intentionally disobey and put on panties and a bra and there are no repercussions, I don’t take you seriously. When I tell you, beg you, to make me obey, to cane me, spank me, plug me with whatever you want. When I beg you to keep me in sub mind, to use me, fuck me, make me kneel and worship your cock, I mean it. When you say you will do just that, but don’t, I’m heartbroken.

Sir, if you mean to do something, please please do it. If you don’t mean to follow through, don’t say it.


Your Sub

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