Are you Frightened? Gauntlet 2

The Beginning

Love was perfect. Dried come marked her face. More was drying on her freshly spanked ass, and my own cum was slowly dripping from her puss. She was blindfolded, her dress in shreds around her body, arms handcuffed behind her, and still she walked tall down the last few steps of the Gauntlet which had broken weaker subs. That’s the thing about submissives. They are not weaker vessels at all. Quite the opposite actually. They must control their own desires and instincts. They must focus on their Master rather then on themselves. They must know their limits well and be unafraid to use that safeword if the need arises. They must, in a word, be strong individuals.

Love had just met up with Master K. I stiffened a bit, knowing what was to come. Master K was an anal guy, something that Love was not quite comfortable with yet. This would be a huge test for her. Master K picked her up and placed her, face up, on a hard table. He spread her legs wide and went to work prepping her. He pushed his fingers inside of her puss, gather up wetness then began to rim her anus. I stood at her head, pulli


ng and twisting her nipples. While she was in such a perfect position, I also dropped my balls on her mouth so she could suck and lick them. By now, Master K had two fingers inside of her anus and was stretching her, readying her to take him. When he felt the time was right, he grinned at me, rolled a condom on his cock and in one deep push impaled her. Love dropped her head, and cried out, “Oh god!” She’d just broken a major rule. She knew it because she gasped and began to cry. I shushed her, comforted her and whispered that we’d be taking care of her punishment privately. This calmed her. Master K kept on pumping himself in and out of her anus, occassionally slapping her clit. Love, to my utter surprise and delight, came violently, her head thrashing about, her hands turning into tight little fists. I laughed encouragingly. Master K pulled out, rolled off the condom, and shot his load across her mound. I had made sure that all the men knew I wanted her covered in come by the time she finished the Gauntlet. I let her rest a bit, gave her a big glass of water, then she continued. One more person. Me.

“Are you ready for your ultimate test?” I asked


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