“I don’t want this,” I say

“I know, but that isn’t your safe word,” he says.

Okay. Got me there!

“Spread your legs and keep your hands on your knees.”

“But, can’t you just tie me down or something?”

“Absolutely not. You promised to have the laundry done by the time I got home. I offered to do it for you over the weekend or to drop it off at the laundromat this morning, but you insisted that you’d have it done. Did you even start on it?” he asked, that one sexy as hell eyebrow cocking upward. Okay.  Got me there as well. Sighing, I spread my legs and put my hands on my knees. I’d already taken off my undies. Milord pushed up my skirt then plugged i


n the electric razor.

“Pleease do something else to me – how ’bout a good old fashioned spanking?” I asked hopefully.

“One more complaint or whine and I’ll gag you. You and I both know just how much you’d enjoy a spanking. No, I’m shaving you bare, Penny. That’s it. Maybe being uncomfortably nude will remind you to not over extend yourself. Further, you’re not to wear any underwear until I say so.”

I pouted. “How long might that be?” The razor buzzed and he focused on the task at hand. I bit my lip as I watched my pretty blonde curls fall to the ground. Milord didn’t slow from his task, but chuckled just a bit.

“That’s for me to decided. I’ll tell you this much, though. By the time you have something between your legs except for me all this bare puss will again be framed by tight curls.”

I ran a fast calculation in my mind. Shit. Three weeks, minimum.

“But, Milord, I thought you liked my hair down there.” I really wanted to close my legs, or knock the razor out of his hands and push his face against my aching clit.

“I do, Penny, I do. Which is exactly why until my pretty blonde V is back in place I’m going to be taking you from behind.”

No! I began to shake just a bit. I absolutely loved Milord’s chest, his eyes, his arms. I loved kissing his shoulds, licking his biceps, watching his face. I couldn’t do that when he took me from behind. He KNEW that! He paused in his work to look up at me.

“Now you understand the real punishment, don’t you. It’s okay. Every day you can check yourself and as the hair grows back, you’ll know you’re a bit closer to redemption. I have a feeling you’re going to be far more conscientious of your time managed and ask for help when you need it, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes, Milord, I will.”

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