I know it will uncomfortable, my love, but that’s the point. I want you to be aware this evening. Very aware. So, let’s begin with you over my lap. I believe 15 minutes of spanking should do it. That’s it. Relax. Now, doesn’t your bottom look absolutely lovely this shade of pink. Go ahead and sob. I rather like it when you do that. Obviously, you enjoy it as well juding by the growing wetness between your legs. Now, now. No wiggling off. Three more minutes. You can do this, my Lovely. There. Now your bottom is a perfect red. Let’s get the rest of you ready. Here, let me kiss your tears away first. I so love the taste of your tears. Yes, since you’ve begged so nicely and taken the spanking so well, you may have one orgasm. Perfect. That’s it. Come all over my hand. We’ll need all that lubrication in just a moment. That’s my girl. Now, kneel here on the couch and bend over the back. No, don’t squirm away or I’ll have to get the paddle out. Let’s do the rosebud first, shall me? Good. Now bear down. It’s fine if you cry again. You know I’ll comfort you. Perfect. No, my lovely, I’m sorry, but I don’t think just the one will be enough tonight. Remember, I need you to be aware of me and our surroundings at all times. The last time we went to dinner with the company’s owner you became distracted. We don’t want that to happen again, now do we? That’s better. Almost there. Perfect. A lovely red bottom and both holes plugged. Now, go put on your dress and heels. We don’t want to be late, do we?tumblr_o4re6yf1of1sdynr9o1_500

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