Beach Bunny

We’re off to the beach!! Naturally, Milord has rules for me. First off, this is a nude beach – not clothing optional, but nude.  Even if it were clothing optional, I wouldn’t have  that option. Milord has decided that I need a better self image and as such, I will be nude as often as possible.  No,  I’m not at all comfortable with this, but I trust Milord to do what is best, and so I will obey. I was quite uncomfortable today, though, because not only was I to be nude (as was everyone else!) Milord even took my collar away! I felt very exposed. He, naturally, had a plan. Rather than wearing a collar to mark me as his property, my body tumblr_nx0mdsf5h31teg8f3o1_1280would, instead, be marked. I begged him to do so here in privacy rather than at the beach – which he has  done before. So long as I could get him off with only my mouth, no hands, within 3 minutes, he would agree. Luck was with me, and I suceeded with 3.5 seconds to spare! I got into position, hands on the wall, feet wide apart, and Milord marked me with th riding crop. He was not gentle – warm ups reduce bruising and he wanted everyone to easily see the  marks on my ass, my inner thighs. He wanted my red and swollen labia to be visible. He wanted to community to know that I belonged to him. And so I stood, hands pressed hard against the wall, tears fltumblr_oti051x1vg1qd33wso1_500owing down my face, honey flowing down my thighs. Finally, he was satisfied. I collapsed in his arms and he held me, kissing me, whispering to me until I was calm enough to thank him. Because I had behaved so well, he used his hands and allowed me an orgasm. Then, we went to the beach – complete with sand, ocean water, and a salt water pool. Milord swam a bit, floated a bit, and lounged on a mattress. I frolicked in the pool and tried to ignore the comments regarding my markings. Finally, one man made bold enough to ask me what had happened. Know what was expected, I glanced at Milord who nodded, then explained that he had marked me as a sign of his ownership of me. I smiled when I said this and the man nodded his understanding. He looked at Milord and asked if he might touch the markings. Milord agreed and so I stood stock still, eyes lowered, and this stranger ran his hand down my marked ass and thighs.  “Very nice,” he commented. “Well placed marks, nice welting, I’m assuming she became very wet during the application?”

“Indeed,” Milord answered, walking over to joing us. “And did you protest during the application?” he asked. “No, not at all,” Milord assured him. “She too well trained for that. I know her limits and while I will push them, I will never cross them. She knows this.” “I see,” the man responded. “And do you speak for her?” “Mostly, yes, although not always. She is silent now because there is no need for her to answer. I’m right here. If she objects, she will politely say something. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes, Milord,” I answered, smiling up at him. The man laughed appreciatively and I blushed a bit. Milord held out his hand and led me down to the beach, the man joining us. I was told to stretch out on the sand, which was quite hot, but also very soft. I did so, my marked bottom on full view of anyone who passed by. Milord explained that in the past he has marked me here, in public, but I had begged him for privacy today. Since I had performed fellatio to his approval, he reward me by marking me in private. The man exclaimed at this generous arrangement. Milord reapplied sunscreen on my delicate skin as he spoke with the man. Then, he suggested that we all meet in a few hours for dinner. I would, Milord assured him, be delighted to entertain him for the evening. “Isn’t that right, my cub?” he said to me. I raised myself up on my elbow


s and responded, “It is, Milord. There is nothing I would enjoy more than being the guest of whomever Milord has chosen.” These words were not rehearsed or required. They were hearfelt. The man must have understood this for he looked down at me, his long cock swaying gently between his muscular thighs, and said, “As be it then. You must call me Sir then or Captain. And will you also obey me as you obey your lord?” I thought a minute, looked at Milord, and said, “So long as it please him, yes.” Both men laughed with delight and I grinned as well. I had no doubt that tonight would prove to be quite, quite interesting.

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