Submind – explained

I used the term “submind” in much of my writing, but trying to actually define what it is can be a bit nebulous. First, let me point out that it’s different for every person. The OED defines it as a “lesser, lower mind; the subconscious part of a person’s mind.” When I first read that I’ll admit I was offended. Then the more I really thought about it, the more I realized it was true. “Lesser” does not always mean less important. Sometimes it means less seen, less used, less accessed, less appreciated. “Lower” does not always mean mentally, physically, or spiritually beneath someone else. I can also mean that which we ourselves keep beneath the surface, hidden from view, kept under control to allow our “upper” mind – the one that goes to work every day, gets the kids off to school, smiles at family gatherings – to function in a way that is socially acceptable. With that in mind, Submind is when we allow our “lesser” mind more control, our “lower” mind to rise and overpower our conscious mind. We allow our hidden wants and desires to rule our personality. We are able, without embarrassment or distraction, to ourselves – body and soul – to anothere person. In doing so, we give wing to our unconscious minds, become free of restraints, and indulge ourselves in an alternate, beautiful personae, one that is disconnected to social norms but connected to our own inner desires.tumblr_opn9a0bsoT1shty2uo1_500

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