Nips to the Front

So a few weeks ago, Sir decided (with my consent) to have my nipples pierced. This slowed down the Summer Rules 2017 of nipple play until they healed which, I’m happy to say, they now are. That means that once again, my nipples are ready to be played with daily. I was allowed to wear a bra during the healing, but now that I’m good to go, so are they.  To begin the day, Milord first spanked me – yay!!! there was no reason for it, other than his pleasure, which is my favorite kind of spanking. By the time I had co


cunted to 10 I was wet, and by the time the count was at 25 I was close to coming. Luckily, Milord was feeling generous today and allowed me to come as often as I liked. He ran his finger down my slit and I trembled. Then, he inserted two fingers inside of me – I exploded. He continued to spank and add fingers until all five were scrunched inside of me. My now I was crying from both the pressure and the pleasure. “The fist, Woman, do you want it?” He truly was asking me If I said no, he’d be fine with that. But I DID want it. I said the words that always please him. “As you desire, so let it be.” He chuckled, told me he was proud of me (purr!!!!), then slowly pressed his pointed fingers inside of me. He continued to spank me – hard. This is good! It distracts me, confuses my senses, and, oddly enough, relaxes me. He hand fucked me until I came again. By now I was a puddle of wetness, boneless. He pulled his hand free, held it to my mouth, and made me lick and clean each digit. Then, he spread my own wetness backward and pressed his cock into my anus. “Your front door needs to recover, love. I’ll fuck it later.”

“Yes!” I cried out, my muscles contracting around him He filled me, body and soul, and when he finally came, leaving his treasure buried deep with in me, I was so far into submind that I didn’t have need for reality.

He let me rest for a bit then turned me over, kissed me, and said that since I’d been such a good woman, he was taking me out to lunch. Before I dressed, however, he told me that it was time t


o change out my original barbells. He handed me a new set of nipple rings. I cringed and smiled when I saw them. Then I looked at all of my summer dresses. “You’re not going to let me wear a bra are you?” He just raised his eybrows. No only my nipples, but the fact that they were pierced AND chained would be painfully obvious! I signed, but didn’t complain. My ass and bottom and pussy were all very tender at this point. If I complained, there would be punishment. Then it clicked. That was exactly WHY he had used me so perfectly this morning! I grinned, shook my head in wonder, and dressed. Luckily, we went to an exclusive, upscale restaurant (no kids around). My nipples garnered much attention, which pleased Milord greatly. As for me, well, the look of pride on his face was enough for me.

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