Forced Chastity

So once again Image result for female submissive corner timeI broke the No Masturbation Spring Rules. This makes the third time. Milord has absolutely had it with me. First, he had me stand in the corner – something that humiliates me terribly – for 30 minutes. I had to be nude with my hands up away from my body. Once my time was up he pulled me over his lap. I figured it would be a harsh spanking, but was pleasantly surprised. Now don’t be mislead, he was till firm! (then again he’s always firm 🙂 and my bottom is going to be sore for a good day or two, but he was, as always, reasonable. He spanked me for thirty minutes, setting a slow but steady pace. By the time THAT time was up I was crying from both my pussy and my eyes. God, how I wanted him to fuck me! Did he? Nope. Of course not. Pleasure is for good submissives, which I, admittedly was not. Instead, he held me until my sobbing quieted then had me stand up. He went to the closet and pulled out a box. I stood there, head bowed, silent, yet very, very curious. He opened it and showed me. That was when I really cried. A chastity belt. I begged him not to put me in that thing, but he was adamant. If I couldn’t control myself, he’d have to find a way to do it, he said. Okay, he had a point, a very good point. No amount of crying would change his mind ( I do LOVE his steadfastness!). He locked me into the device, added the key to his keychain, then ordered me to kneel. Thank God he wasn’t going to deny me THIS pleasure!!! Sadly (at least for me), it took him only about 5 minutes to come. Happily, he let me swallow it! So for the next seven days, at least, I’ll be in forced chastity. He’s already warned me that he can easily add a butt plug or a dildo to the thing and that if he catches me playing with my nipples (yes, I can come by just nipple stimulation!) he’ll lock me in a metal bra. Let me tell you, it’s going to be along 7 days, but Milord is right. I agreed to the rule. He has promised, though, that while I’m locked in, he’ll use either my mouth or my anus every day. I can easily have orgasms this way as well, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn my lesson.

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