Fox Hunt – 3

Sir had just filled me with his come and ordered that I now suck him clean. I spun around, crouched over the fallen trees and did as he said. I tasted the sweet saltiness of our combined juices on his beautiful cock. I moaned and made slurping noises. He had his hand on my head and said, “That’s it. That’s my good little fox.” I sucked in earnest. When he’s fully engorged, I can barely fit half of his cock in my mouth, but now, just after he’s come, I can go balls deep – which I happily did. I would have been content to service him in this way for hours, but he had other plans. I hate being whipped with switches and Sir is well aware of this. He and I were also well aware that I had willingly given away the right to use my safeword. “Sit down, Fox. I don’t want your legs to get too tired out,” he said. I reluctantly obeyed. He stepped away and put his clothes back on. He then chose several slender branches no more than the thickness of my pinky finger. Pulling out his knife, he cut them. He then ordered me to stand, walk to a birch tree and put my hands on it. I was not to move. He cut off my soaked g-string and stood in front of me. He used the now useless scrap of clothing to tie the sticks together. My eyes widened and I began to cry again.

“Who is your Master?” – You, Sir

“And can you ever escape your Master?” – No, Sir

“Are you still willing to relinquish your safeword? I will not hold you to your earlier bargain.” I thought a moment, then looked up at him. I am your prey, Sir. You wotumblr_oktlgemiaa1qlziito1_1280n the right to do what you will to me. I choose to stay by my word.

He smiled, a big, proud smile. I was so proud of myself. He kissed me, praised me, and stepped behind me. I heard the whoosh then felt the fire. My nails dug into the bark of the tree, but I stayed in position. I lost count of the number of times he used the switches on me, but eventually, he stopped, held me in his arms, kissed me again, told me how proud he was of me. He wiped the tears from my face and carried me to the waiting horse. He lifted me and set me on the saddle – which was no easy thing! My bottom screamed at the hardness after the sound thrashing he’d just administered. He mounted behind he and kicked the horse to a trot. I whimpered and cried all the way home, which pleased Sir greatly.

When we arrived home, he dismounted and ordered me to see to the horse – a chore I loved doing, but had never done completely naked before. Naturally, I opened, giving the fine animal a good brushing down and an extra handful of oats. Sir sat patiently and waited. Then, he walked into the house with me and said, “I believe my fox needs a good cleaning. What do you say to a hot bath in the jacuzzi before I see to your remaining hole?” Sir? “I’ve filled your pussy and your mouth, seems to me there’s one place that has yet to be used today,” he explained. I grinned and nodded happily. A trifecta! I may have lost the Fox Hunt, but I’ve certainly won the day.




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