Fox Hunt – 2

Sir, having made sure I came, unlatched the cuffs from my wrists. He picked me up and tossed me – belly down again – onto his horse before mounting behind me. Once again, he used the reins to last my bottom as we trotted along. My breasts and thighs stung like the dickens from the Stinging Nettle whipping he’d given me moments earlier. I was in physical misery, but sexual heaven. We traveled in this manner for a time – with him whipping my bottom and me struggling not to move to much. Then, i heard running water. We must be near the creek. Sure enough, he halted the horse, dismounted then hauled me off the horse as well. Without ceremony, he carried me to the creek and dumped me in. I splashed and sputtered! The water was freaking cold!! I stopped my complaining, though, when I noticed two things. One, Sir was stripping off his clothing. One look at his sculpted chest and my stinging, sore skin and cold water were little more than an annoyance. That was when I noticed that the cold water was staking a lot of the sting away. I watched, open mouthed as Sir finished removing his pants. His cock stood at attention and I think I actually drooled. He laughed and said if I wanted a taste that badly, I’d have to work for it. I eagerly agreed. He stepped into the creek, splashed water on my slightly rashy breasts, making me gasp at the cold. Naturally, my nipples became hard as bullets. That’s when i started to beg, “Please, Sir, please, let me suck your cock. Let me be a good fox.”

“Greedy fox is more like it.” He reached down and helped me stand. He walked me to the side of the creek and bent me over some fallen trees. Grasping a handful of my red hair firmly in his hand, he pulled me head back, kissed me, and said, “I’m going to fuck you hard and deep, little fox. I’m going to make you scream from pleasure and then I’m going to empty every ounce in my sac deep inside of you. After that, you’re going to lick and suck me clean.” He pushed aside my soaked g-string and plunged his cock balls deep inside of my greedy pussy.

And that was when I came for the second time that day. His voice. His command. His cock. I screamed his name. He fucked me without mercy, without finesse. He was primal in his need and I was grateful. I heard his deep groan moments before he did as he promised and emptied himself inside of me. That was my third orgasm. I tensed and trembled and milked him. He released my hair and rested his head against my neck for a moment before he pulled out of me.

“Now,” he said, his voice harsh and gravelly, “now you can suck it.”

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