Pride or Humility?

Sir is an ass man. He rarely fucks my pussy, preferring instead to fill it with beads or a vibrating dildo, his finger, or even his fist. My ass, though, that’s his preferred fuck hole. He likes to keep it full whenever we are together, even when he isn’t fucking it. How is it possible to both love and hate something so much? I hate being
ass plugged or fucked because I find it humiliating and, at times, painful (but never too painful). Sir doesn’t mind making me uncomfortable – physically or mentally – but he would never actually harm me. I love being plugged and ass fucked because I immediately become a very obedient subby. The tenderness after a good fucking is a constant reminder of his ownership of my body, of the fact that I have willingly and eagerly given him permission to use me in any way he wishes. When he plugs my ass, it’s a constant reminder that even though he may not be directly inside of me, he still has control and ownership of the most intimate of places. He called me early this morning, telling me to prepare. He’d be over in 3 hours. I got busy right away. Now, I apologize if this sounds gross for some of you, but with anal sex, things can get – well – icky – if the pipes aren’t cleaned out. So, I cleaned them out with the help of three enemas. Yes, three. One soapy one which causes some light cramping but does the initial loosening. One clean water one half an hour after the first elimination to wash out all the soap and loosened “debris”, and another cool water one a half hour after the second elimination just to be sure. Then, I added a generous amount of lubrication.  Actually, I guess I had four enemas, because as soon as he arrived, he stripped off his clothes (tumblr_ocea4unqxk1vd2y4wo1_540I was already nude) and fucked me. The moment his cock entered my anus and his hands pinched my nipples I was done. I came so hard and so fast he laughed out loud. He took his time, letting me exhaust myself with the multiple orgasms he gave me. Only when I was begging for mercy did he allow himself to come (hence the fourth!) . We rested for a while, then he told me to get dressed, he was going to take me out for lunch. I was to wear heels and a dress – nothing else. Well, one thing else. After I had the dress on, he bent me over and inserted a large metal plug with a pretty jewel on the end. I whined a bit, which earned me a good hard six smacks on my ass cheeks before he pushed it in. As soon as it was inside of me, I calmed. If this is what he wanted, this is what I would do (see the hate/love thing?) Rather than going to a bistro, we found a hot dog cart in the park. He had me tuck one leg up under my cheek. While he went to buy the hot dogs. My face flamed when I heard chuckles and comments from people walking the park, but when Sir came back, handed me the dog, and kissed me, my humiliation turned to pride. Sir truly knows how to bring out the Sub in me.

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