Nip-let bound

pierced nipple chainedYes, I wear Milord’s chains. Sometimes just a small anklet, sometimes a necklace, sometimes more. Today, it’s more. Today, he wished me to wear all of his chains – the anklet, the necklace, and, what he deems, the niplet. Last year I agreed to have my nipples pierce, something Milord had desired for quite some time, but that I had resisted. Yes, it hurt like fucking hell. Yes, my nipples are constantly hard now. Yes, this sometimes embarrasses me, but Yes, I’m glad I agreed. Just the look of pride and pleasure in Milord’s eyes was reward enough, but the added sensitivity of my nipples combined with the endless play and punishment possibilities has made this decision one of my best.

Milord had me put the simple rings into my nipples this morning. Then, he laced a delicate chain which matches my necklace through the rings. This is a very long chain which has a variety of uses. He could wrap it around my body multiple times. He could loop it over itself then between my legs. Today, he had work to do in the garage. He decided that he wanted me with him, but my fidgeting annoyed him. That was when he took both ends of the chain and attached them to a carabiner on his pegboard wall, allowing only about 12 inches of slack – enough for me to sit if he gives me a stool or to kneel on the floor, but not enough for me to wander about.

Naturally, I quickly became bored. I started asking him questions. The babbling, knowing full well that this was not acceptable behavior.  Then, he opened a drawer and pulled out the ball gag. I shut up. Too late, though.  Once Milord has made a decision, there’s no changing his mind. Image result for ball gagged woman

“I brought you out here so I could look at your beauty while I work and maybe, if you were good, I’d fuck you.” My eyes widened and I started to smile. He held up one finger. “But you’ve intentionally behaved like a spoiled brat. So. Open your mouth.” I did so. “Good. Now stay there and be quiet. If you can do that without disturbing me for an hour, I’ll reward you.” I nodded, determined to obey. “But if you don’t, the next step will be to turn you around, re-hook our Nip-let very close to the wall, and give whip your pretty ass with this switch. Understand?” I nod.

Now, I’m standing with my nipples pressed against the pegboard, the gag still between my lips, my ass hot and tender fro the switch, and my pussy dripping with need.

3 thoughts on “Nip-let bound

  1. I love your writing. I absolutely look forward to a day just like this with my sub. I’m sure it will end similar to yours, or at least she will want it to 😉 .


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