Long Distance Discipline

Sir is gone, out of the country, but that doesn’t mean I serve him less. No, it simply means I serve him differently. I keep an online journal which I must update daily by 8:00 p.m. My rules are still in place, and so I must tell him if I have broken any. I also tell him about my day or any fantasies or fears I have. He responds daily as well. Giving me specific tasks sometimes, sometimes just telling me about his day. Sometimes, we are able to connect through Skype. He works odd hours and we can’d do this every day, but today is a good day. He has send me instructions as to what to wear and what time to be on Skype and in which room. He’s also told me which “toys” to have on hand. He may instruct me in their use, or he may just simply want them there.

“Hello, my little Devil. And how are you this evening?”

“I’m well, thank you Sir. And you?”

“Horny. I’m glad you followed my instructions. You look stunning.”

I’m wearing a corset which he sent me, a g-string, and not much else. It took me an hour to get the corset on and the laces tightened, but his words make the work well worth it.

“Thank you, Sir. Is there anything I might do to help you with your horniness?”

He laughs. I get wetter. I LOVE the sound of his voice, especially his laughter.

“You really are a devil. Now, pull your g-string aside so I can see how wet you are. That’s it. Now dip one finger inside and show me. Perfect.”

He’s fully dressed, but now unzips his trousers and pulls out his cock. I stare in open mouthed awe. Whabw corsett I wouldn’t give right now to have that thing of beauty in my mouth.

“Now, do you have the glass dildo? Good. Is it chilled? That’s my good girl. Now, put it inside of you, but just barely. Not to deep.”

I groan. Getting ready for him, seeing him, hearing his voice. I’m ready to come NOW!!!

“Good. Don’t you think you need to be punished for making me so horny?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good answer. And how shall I punish you?”

“It is for you to decide, Sir.”

A light chuckle. “Excellent answer. Do you have the wasabi?”

Holy hell! I thought that was just going to be for the fear factor!!

“Yes, Sir.”

“Put a small dab of it on your finger. That’s good. Now, rub it on your clit.”

“But sir. . . ”

“Now, little Devil.”

I gulp and do as he commands. HOLY FUCKING HELL!! The heat burns a path of pure desire through my entire body. I suck in my breathe.

“Please, sir. Please let me use the dildo.”

The coolness of the glass dildo melded with the heat of the wasabi are overpowering.

“Go ahead. Use it. But don’t hesitate to come. I want you to come hard.”

“Oh god”

I do. I spiral. Heat. Cold. The sight of him masturbating while I follow his orders. It’s all too much and I fall over the edge. I come back to earth slowly, and see that he too has fallen with me. I grin, proud that I could give him an orgasm.

“That’s my Devil. I’ll be home next Tuesday. Expect to be pounded.”

I grin wider. “Yes, Sir.”

“No quarter given.”

“None asked, Sir.”



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