Immediate Discipline

I’m in training. I have chosen to be in training. I have asked Milord to enforce strict disciple and he has, happily, agreed. Today was an example. We were driving along – Milord enjoys driving – and suddenly we stopped. We were on a deserted country road and he told me to get out of the car. I questioned him and he gave me THAT look. The look that says don’t question me. The look that says he is about to instill discipline. The look that says Do as he says or suffer the consequences. tumblr_nultumJUzo1uz46zho1_500

I got out of the car. He bent me over the hood of the car, took off his belt, and whalloped my bottom. I cried and stomped my feet, but I remained in place. When he finished, he took my panties off completely, left them in the road, and told me to get back in the car. I wiped my tears and did so, not saying a word. I was rather proud of myself. A week ago I would have balked at all of this. Now, I accept it as his right. If he wants to take a belt to my ass just for his own pleasure, he may do so. He is, after all, Milord and Master.

A short time later he pulled over again. I was terrified that he’d want to belt my ass again and it was already on fire! No, he had something else in mind. He parked the car and opened my door, holding out his hand. We then went for a hike into the woods. Once we were past sight of the road, he made me strip. Completely. I didn’t want to and was slow about it. He reminded me that I had asked for strict training and that if I was serious about wanting this, I’d obey him. Milord is 8fa0248acd44df5fe999b7878c01d739right. So, I obeyed. He then unzipped his pants and ordered me to suck him. I did – grateful. I love worshipping his cock. He apparently enjoys it as well because soon he grew even larger. Suddenly, he pulled out. I whimpered in protest, wanting, desperately wanting, him to come in my mouth. Instead, he sprayed his beautiful, hot cum across my breasts. He scolded me, telling me  that when I learned to obey him immediately and without questions, then he would allow me to drink his essence. I cried, this time from shame. He was right.

Seeing my tears, he bent, kissed me and told me that despite my hesitation, he was proud of me. I was learning to accept his discipline. He loved me and knew he was pushing me hard. But I needed this. If he showed mercy, I wouldn’t learn. I wouldn’t build the discipline I needed in order to be his submissive. He held out his hand to help me to my feet. I looked at my clothing which lay on the ground by his feet. I looked at his hand. He was giving me a choice. Follow him or not. I took his hand and walked naked back to the car. I am His.


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