Erotic Humiliation Day

"Do you know what day it is?" Milord asked. "Saturday?" I murmured. It was six in the freaking morning and a SATURDAY!! He kissed my neck and whispered, "It's the fourth Saturday of October to be precise." My eyes flew open. The fourth Saturday of October was National Erotic Humiliation Day. How had I missed … Continue reading Erotic Humiliation Day

Lest we forget – Non Fiction/Personal

Warning: This is post is outright BEGGING for donations to Trigger warning: an account of caring for a person with dementia/Alzheimer's. My mother died in 2019, March 2, the day after her 70th Anniversary. She didn't remember it had been her anniversary. She didn't remember I was her daughter. She didn't actively remember anything. … Continue reading Lest we forget – Non Fiction/Personal

Milord’s Favorite Lingerie

As a reminder, 2022 House rules. I've been very good lately, so Milord decided to "reward" me by gifting me a matching set of "lingerie". We were going out for the evening - nothing special - just dinner at our favorite local place and hanging with some vanilla friends after. Nonetheless, Milord likes to prepare … Continue reading Milord’s Favorite Lingerie

Long Distance Discipline

Milord Is out of town for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. No worries, despite the lack of cuddles, because we facetime every evening. Every third evening during our time, I place my phone on a stand, sit on the bed, and tell him of any infractions. If there are none, he gives me discipline without punishment … Continue reading Long Distance Discipline

5 ways to show dominance in public

Touch your submissive often - in APPROPRIATE ways! A simple hand on the back, brushing the hair off the face, or holding hands shows love, companionship, and caring.Manners Matter! Using appropriate words such as please and thank you and looking out for your submissive shows respect as well as protective tendencies.Order for your submissive when … Continue reading 5 ways to show dominance in public