Winter Submission

Not everyone likes summer. Here in the midwest the temperature can swing from 2 degrees one day to 75 the next. Literally (and I know how to use that word in a non metaphorical way!). We can experience beautiful calm weather one moment and blizzards the next. One must be alert for black ice, dead car batteries, ice and snow covering a car while one is at work, idiots who can’t drive in such weather but think they can, the furnace suddenly going out, and gaps beneath doors and windows. Fingernails turn blue without the use of polish if the gloves aren’t insulated enough, sweat can pool in the boots and then freeze when you step in a water puddle. The weather can change on a dime. I once went into work when it was about 50 degrees in the morning and raining. By the time I left a few hours later, sleet was falling, my car locked in a giant ice cube, and my socks frozen to my ankles. Yes, I listened to the weather that day which stated that the low would be around 42 and the rain would last only about an hour.

Still, I adore winter. Warm cozy sweaters, long heavy skirts, fuzzy boots, crackling fires, and holidays. I always worry just a bit about my skimpier summer clothes revealing things I’d rather not reveal – like a cane mark or a nipple clip on piece of jewelry, or – – – you get the idea.

This year for New Year’s Eve we decided to play it simple. We went to Sir’s parents’ house and had a lovely dinner with them, watch TV, sipped champagne, and toasted in 2023. I loved it. I also loved that Sir made sure I was CONSTANTLY reminded of my chosen place as his obedient and much cherished submissive.

The whole process began several hours before we arrived at my in-law’s home. Sir kissed me – DEEPLY – then carried me to the bedroom where he made slow, torturously slow, love to me. He took his time and used only my puss. By the time I was melted butter from the orgasms I’d had and he had filled me with his, I was ready for a nice nap.

“That is just the beginning, Josie,” he whispered in THAT voice.

My eyes popped open and I was wide awake.

He tweaked my nips – hard – and clipped them with clovers before I knew what was happening. Tears immediately sprang to my eyes and I screamed. Those fuckers HURT!! Still, I was dripping again and not just from his cum beginning to leak out!

“Five minutes on. Fifteen off. I’ve set my phone for the alarms.”

While waiting for the five minutes (hours???), Sir had me sit up, wrapped and arm around me and chatted. Just freaking chatted about trivial things. I have no idea. I could think of nothing besides my burning nipples.

BLING! He undid the clamps, sucking on each nipple. I was gasping.

“Well done! Now, flip over, love. For the fifteen minute break, I’m going to wallop your behind. You will not be sitting comfortably tonight, but you will make no outward sign of that, will you?”

“No, Sir.” I muttered my response into the pillow.

And so the walloping began.


He flipped me over, attached the damned clamps again, kissed my tears away, and chatted again.


This time, he used a paddle.




A belt – luckily, not very hard!




“Well, I think it’s time to get ready. Go on, love, take a quick shower then come back here and get into position on the bed again. I’m going to fill that lovely ass of yours with a lovely plug sporting 2023 on the base. Won’t that be nice!”

I nodded that yes, that would be nice.

And it was. As I sat through the rather enjoyable evening with my bruised nipples brushing my heavy sweater and sitting on my in-law’s hard wooden chairs throughout dinner, I smiled and laughed and secretly cherished my tender cheeks, my filled bottom, and my stupidly sensitive nipples.

Happy New Year to all and may you all enjoy the year as much as I’m sure we will!

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