Candy Cane Christmas

WARNING: DO NOT PUT A REAL CANDY CANE IN ANY ORIFICE BUT YOUR MOUTH!!! That much sugar does all KINDS of bad things to a body!!! This story is FICTION. If you like the idea of the heat of peppermint, you can add some peppermint flavoring to body safe toys. Still, do your own research. Fiction is NOT reality!

Ella knelt before the small Christmas tree and gazed expectantly at the array of presents all marked with her moniker – Lady of my Heart. That meant that Jason – Lord of my Life – had made plans.

“Eager?” he asked as he sat down with a glass filled with something clear and a stick of what looked like ginger in it. Probably gin and tonic, she guessed.

Ella nodded, smiling wide.

“In that case, let me outline the expectations, Lady of my Heart. You will open one at a time – your choice. Before you can open another, the first must be put to use, shall we say.”

She needed no more encouragement than that. She flipped back her long, wavy red hair streaked with lovely silver strands and reached for the closest box wrapped in red and white paper.

“Oh,” Jason said, “and similar to strip poker, you will need to remove one article of clothing before opening each gift.” He smirked, sipped his drink, and leaned back.

Ella shook her head, grinning, and said, “Naturally, Lord of my Life” and slipped off her satin robe, leaving her wearing only her high heeled, fuzzy house shoes.

Being the precise type, Ella slipped one manicured nail beneath the tape and carefully opened the package. She bit her lip, looked up at Jason, and lifted the lid. It was a large stick of candy cane, minus the hook. “Lord, I’m not quite sure. . .”

Peppermint Candy Cane Stick 12 pack | Seely Mint

“Unwrap it, Lady, and hold it in your mouth rather like a bit of a horse. Go on now.”

Keeping her eyes on him, she did as he directed. The cane was thick, round, and very sweet. Once he was satisfied, she opened another gift using the same process. She kicked off her shoes, opened the box, and smiled at the leather cuffs which had been colored white and red, lined in the softest red fur. She handed them to her Lord.

“These will also remain on you, but for the moment, simply as decorations. I’m not ready to lock you up. Yet.”

Keeping the cane between her teeth and swallowing her peppermint flavored saliva, she nodded her in gratitude and opened the second to last give. A long, narrow box. When she opened it, she gasped, almost dropping the candy.

Without a sultry hot enough to light a fire, she glance at her Lord, bent down, leaned on her elbows, and raised her rear.

“You missed the special lube, my Lady,” he said while rustling through the tissue paper to pull a bottle of peppermint lube. Her eyes widened and she moaned with pleasure as the cool lube entered her anus. Slowly, Jason pressed the rather large peppermint drop glass plug into her ass. He paused, allowing her body to accommodate its girth before pressing inward again. Ella gasped, bit into the candy stick, and slurped up sweet drool before the plug was fully seated. She was panting heavily, but her nipples were rock hard and her honey pot dripping. Her ass, at first cooled by the minted lube, now burned and tingled delightfully. Lord of her Life scooted the final gift in front of her.

“Well done. Now. Stay in that position and open this last gift.”

Breathing heavily, now unable to keep the drool from dropping onto the floor, Ella opened that last package.

Darice - 2430-62 Plastic Candy Cane, 32-Inch with 0.75 ...

Ella hesitated a moment, then placed her forehead on the cool floor.

“Yes, my Lady. Today is the first day of Christmas, so only one stripe for today. Tomorrow, we will have you in the same position. Don’t worry about the cane in your mouth. I have 11 more. I will add a stroke for each day of Christmas. If you are are – um – Nice – Once finished, I’ll fuck you while you remain in position. I’ll fill your honey pot with my cum. After you’ve thanked me properly, I’ll remove the plug and the candy bit, carry you to our bed and slowly massage your body and make love to you until you are totally exhausted from all the orgasms I will bestow on you. The pretty cuffs, though, will remain on you unless you are showering. I may decide I what you more confined at times, just for fun.

If, though, you are naughty and break position or otherwise displease me, I will remove the plug only long enough to fuck your ass. Once I finish, I will fill that naughty hole with more peppermint lube and reinsert the plug where it will remain for 12 hours. Naturally, I will check to make sure you haven’t dried out, but each time, I will lube you only with the tingling peppermint. Those cuffs will also be clipped together either in front of you, behind your back, or to something a bit less mobile. Wiggle that lovely ass if you agree.”

Ella wiggled her ass as much as she could. Jason laughed, picked up the acrylic cane and landed a perfect stripe across her white flesh.

This year, the 12 days of Christmas were going to be phenomenal.

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