Chastity’s Chastity

“But why this?” Chastity complained.

“Once more, Chas. Utter one more complaint or question and you’ll be paddled again,” George answered.

Chastity would have rubbed her already scarlet bum, but her hands were tied above her head. She bit her bottom lip to stop her voice but was powerless to stop the single tear from rolling down her face. She was humiliated and uncomfortable, her legs spread wide by the spreader bar locked to her ankles, her arms above her head, locked together by the wide leather cuffs and looped over the hook carefully screwed into the wall of George’s secret room.

Of course, she couldn’t blame George. She herself had helped design, decorate, conceal, and stock this room. She had written the cards which would determine her fate every week and placed them all in the Challenge Jar. She had pulled this card. CHASTITY. She had complained and questioned George when he pulled out the chastity belt the he was now locking into place.

A week. She would be locked into this devilish contraption for an entire week! What the hell had she been thinking when she suggested this might be “fun”? Of course, because she was in chastity, that did not mean that George would be. As he explained after her first complaint and first spanking, HE would be using her mouth and her tits to fuck this week. He would bring himself to orgasm and shoot his cream across her needy body. He would be fulfilled, and she would be left wanting. When the week was up, he would release her and wouldn’t she be every so grateful for that first explosion from so long a wait.

She’d complained again.

He’d bound her in place and used a paddle on her.

He had slipped the metal around her waist and now, had locked the crotch piece in place.


“Yes,” she whispered. She couldn’t lie to him. The belt was shockingly comfortable. It didn’t pinch or pull in any way. It simply restricted access to her favorite places. She could easily do her necessary bodily functions through the openings, and she’d be able to shower around it as well. But she hated it already.

“Ready to behave now?”

Chastity sighed. “Yes.”

“Good. I’m going to unbind you. You’re going to suck my cock until I come down your throat like a good little slut. Then, you’ll get dressed and go to work.”

Chastity rubbed her wrists once he released her even though they really were not sore at all. She knelt before him and did her duty. She felt her own moisture roll down her thighs and had an insistent desire to rub herself, which she obviously could not. She lifted her eyes to George’s and saw his brown eyes gazing down at her, satisfaction glowing in them.

“I love seeing your frustration, C. It’s going to be an amazing week.”

4 thoughts on “Chastity’s Chastity

  1. I love it! As someone who has actually been put in chastity, but for only 24-hours at a time, I can’t imagine a whole week! Will you have the next week’s fun next up?


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