5 thoughts on “In a slump

  1. Dance class was cancelled. I texted my friend to let her know class was canceled so she didn’t have the hassle of parking to find out. I got sighted by campus police for texted and driving. But I was still on campus so it was a fine and parking pass suspension. I went to pay fine but because it was texting violation I had to attend a driving safety class to get pass back. Thing is I had already was spanked twice before for texting and driving. The second time I lied and denied it but didn’t realize he was tracking my phone while I was texting him and could see I was driving. So this would be the third time! Instead of telling him class was cancelled I pretended to go to the next dance class and take the safety class. I went to grocery store and got cash back so fine wouldn’t show up on card statement. I almost got away with it except my friend asked if we could not tell our husbands class was cancelled and just have fun during the time we should be in class. I was afraid to tell her no because I needed her to keep the ticket a secret. My husband saw a credit show up on statement. School refunded the class fee and I didn’t know it. Everything fell apart. He had access to online schedule. Not only the ticket – in trouble enough for that but the lying. And lying and lying. Biggest no no is lying. And the deception of cash back at grocery store. He told my friends husband. She had deleted our texts but I didn’t think about that all our texts were still in my phone. He shared that with my friends husband. They decided since we got in trouble together we should be spanked together. Well to start. My punishment went into boot camp because of all the violations. One week of boot camp. Plus grounded. After one month of grounding I was able to drive myself with permission but only after a reminder spanking before every single trip out alone for two months! I have to give receipts for every money transaction too.


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