Anal discipline x2 – the ending

I was standing, stretching my legs. For the past four hours I had been strapped to the adjustable spanking bench with my anus alternatingly filled with cock, soap stick, and peppermint coated plug in between bouts of my bowels being emptied and my mouth being used to clean those said cocks. I have never felt so humiliated, used, and humbled in my life. Not even 2 years ago when I had to endure Anal Punishment – 2.

“Here,” Mister said, handing me a smoothie. “You need some nutrition as well as all that water you’ve been drinking. It’s your favorite.”

I took a sip. It was, indeed, my favorite. Peanut butter protein powder blended with a banana, ice and oat milk. I slurped it down quickly. I almost thanked him but with a quick glance at his frowning face, remembered that I was not allowed to speak unless specifically told to. I turned back to face the wall.

“Intermission over. Back on the bench,” Wesley said and took my by the arm. I whimpered, but followed.

While he strapped me back into place and spread my legs wide, Mister said, “She’s cleaning out well enough for now. I’m going to save the last soap stick for tonight. Let’s see. We’ve both fucked her ass and it’s been plugged for about 2 hours total. Time to up the ante a bit.”

What!!! What else could they do to me??

Once again, the large metal plug was inserted into my anus. This time, I smelled the sharp scent of ginger. The burn started immediately. Then, I felt a shock on my ass, a flogger, but also a jolt of electricity. Then, the electricity touched the base of the plug and I screamed. Yes, it hurt, but barely. It was more the shock that had elicited the scream. Then, the electricity moved everywhere – my ass, the plug base, my clit, my belly. I wiggled and cried out, begging to be forgiven, begging for this stop.

“Oh. Listen to that. Can’t even control herself from talking,” Wesley noted.

“Maybe you should help her with that, otherwise, this flogging is going to take a very long time. I had though fifteen minutes, but every time she says something, the time starts over. I really like this flogger extension to the violet wand,” Mister noted, not slowing his pace for a moment.

I felt my head lifted and opened my mouth. Wesley soon had his cock pressed deeply down my throat. I wasn’t suck him, he was mouth fucking me.

“Keep it up, Wes,” Mister encouraged. When you come, I’ll stop the flogging. Then, one more good ass fucking, I think. After that, she can stay as she is while we play another game of pool.”

“Great minds, my friend. Great minds.”

I was helpless. And deserved to me. Finally, I felt all the tension, all the anger, all the brattiness leave my body as one man made good use of my mouth and the other attended to my ass. I didn’t even notice when Wesley shot his load down my throat, when the plug was replaced by Mister’s cock, when I violently pulled against my restraints as orgasm after orgasm washed over me, and when Mister pulled out to spray his hotness across my tender skin.

He knelt in front of me, smiled, and said, “You’ve done well, Joy. A little rest, then that last soap stick. How do you feel? Answer me.”

I tilted my head to look at him and smiled. “I feel like I’m yours.”

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