Corset – not waist – Training

I’ve always struggled with posture, having a slight curvature in my spine and – let’s be honest – on the lazy side. I’ve always envied the exquisite, powerful posture of the people from days gone by. So, when I shared this with Sir, he suggested Corset Training, not to be confused with waist training. My size and shape – a curvy sized 14 – pleases us both, so we didn’t want to force my waist to become abnormally smaller than my hips and breasts. 

We started with a simple underbust corset. Sir laced it snuggly, but not uncomfortably. I wore this for 2 hours a day for 5 days then for 3 hours a day for the next five days. By the end of the 10 days, my posture had improved significantly even when I wasn’t wearing the corset! Time to up the ante!

Sir challenged e to wear my corset for as long as possible on the 11th day. I agreed. To show just how proud he was of me, he clipped my nips (which I LOVE!) while he was tightening my laces. Even though we didn’t care about shrinking my waist, he was now able to go tighter on the laces without my becoming more uncomfortable. Naturally, he took his time, carefully adjusting each row of lacing. 

By the time he finished, I was panting with need, my mind focused on one thing – pleasure. He gave my ass a firm spank and said “all done”. I turned, dropped to the floor and looked up at him. 


He laughed and unzipped his trousers. I gloried in my worship of his cock, savoring the texture and flavor of his flesh. I sucked him down y throat until I gagged then held him there before pulling him down deeper. My hands gently held his jewels, cradling the treasures. 

“On your feet. Now.” he commanded. “Bend over the bed.”

His voice was deep, echoing my own need. He slipped into my wet tunnel easily, gently, slowly. I moaned, wanting more. His hand came down on my ass – hard, firm, relentless. I love the contrast of the gentleness of his love making to the sharpness off the clips on my nipples and the sting on my ass. 

He took his time. Spanking me, pressing me against the mattress, impaling e on his cock. He encouraged my moans, praised me when I orgasmed, and continued his steady rapture. I was in the mist of submissive bliss when he finally blessed me with his own orgasm, releasing his seed deep inside of me. 

He flipped me over, releasing my nipples and causing another gush orgasmic pleasure to wash from my body. He gently sucked each nipple and said.

“Here’s an incentive. Since you obviously enjoyed this, each hour over your basic 3 that you keep the corset on will equal five minutes of spanking” he kissed my neck “or clipped nips” he kissed the hollow of my neck “or spanking” he kissed my forehead “or anything else I choose.” He kissed my lips.

You can be assured, I will keep this corset on for a very long time today.


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